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Hessian showmen offer help in Corona crisis

22.03.2020 | 16:52 Clock | Citywhispers
Hessian showmen offer help in Corona crisis

Business, culture, sports - all areas of public life are suffering the effects of the Corona virus. But there are always great signs of solidarity in these difficult and uncertain times. One such sign comes from all nine Hessian showmen's associations. These are in an existential crisis due to the cancellation of all major festivals - and yet they do not want to bury their heads in the sand, but want to help. Bernd Salm, 1st chairman of the Darmstädter Schaustellerverband e.V., has written to Prime Minister Volker Bouffier to offer help explicitly and sincerely.

Salm emphasizes that all Hessian showmen, although they themselves have to fear for their financial basis, are there for all Hessian citizens when they are needed! It's a powerful statement, and one that can really make a difference given what they can offer. Thus Salm writes: "We [showmen] want to help! We have the power, the technology, the logistics and the know-how! Our businesses are excellently networked and logistically well positioned. We have trucks, delivery trucks and refrigerated trucks with which we could transport vital goods, for example. We have cranes and tools that we could use to support our fire and police departments." With no telling how the situation will unfold, it's good to know that such relief resources are available.

For example, food stations could be set up and food prepared. No matter what they are needed for, Salm promises that the showmen will be happy to help in their forced break, unselfishly, unbureaucratically, quickly and professionally. "We nine Hessian showmen's associations carry with great pride the coat of arms of our home federal state in our traditional association flags and stand side by side with you and all Hessian citizens!", says Salm. And he concludes with an appeal to the Minister President: "One call is enough- take us at our word!"

That people who usually work hard to make sure we just have a bit of fun don't get discouraged by looking into an uncertain future, but simply want to use their skills and resources to make sure we can enjoy that fun again in a few months is a strong sign of solidarity. Or, as Bernd Salm puts it, "Unity makes strength!"

Our thanks therefore go to:

Darmstädter Schaustellerverband e. V.

Schaustellerverband Frankfurt Rhein-Main e. V.

Schaustellerverband Mittelhessen e. V. - Sitz Gießen

Verein der Schausteller, Markt- und Messereisender Hanau-Main-Kinzig Kreis e. V.

Schaustellerverband Kassel-Göttingen e. V.

Verband reisender Schausteller u. Berufskollegen d. Taunus-, Unterlahn- und

Westerwaldgebiet e. V. - Sitz Limburg

Schausteller-Verband e. V. Marburg

Schaustellerverein Offenbach am Main Stadt und Land e. V.

Schaustellerverband Wiesbaden e. V.

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