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Holi Festival of Colours - Buy Tickets with Bitcoins

13.02.2018 | 14:25 Clock | Service
Holi Festival of Colours - Buy Tickets with Bitcoins

When lots of partying people throw paint at each other, the HOLI FESTIVAL OF COLOURS is in town again. This year, the most colorful party in the world will be celebrated again in the Rhine-Main area, more precisely on July 14 from 12 to 10 pm at the Sparda Bank Hessen Stadium Offenbach. This year there is a real special feature, because for the first time the makers of the worldwide successful festival series have introduced Bitcoins as official means of payment. For you, this means that you can now conveniently purchase tickets for the party with the cryptocurrency.

The reason for this decision is quickly found for the organizers: "Our fans are young and innovative - and so are we. Innovation has been the driving force behind our work since day 1: our goal is to create a constantly optimised festival experience for our guests - and that just includes the ticket purchasing experience."

The cryptocurrency is currently in the news on an almost daily basis, especially since there are significant price fluctuations on a regular basis - both up and down. And so Bitcoin speculators are faced with a daily choice: keep investing and speculating? Or use it wisely and enjoy life - such as at the world's most colorful spectacle?

If you can't make it to Offenbach, you also have the chance to celebrate the Holi Festival of Colours at 18 other locations across Germany. The colourful festival series is now in its 7th year and is more successful and bigger than ever. So you should secure your tickets quickly! If you want to buy the world's first festival tickets with Bitcoins you can do so now: just go to <link http: _blank> , choose your city and be there from 0.0031 BTC.

<link http: en index _blank>For all cities, tour dates, tickets and information on the most colorful festival of the year, go HERE

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