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Introduction of comprehensive Frankfurt night lines

11.12.2018 | 12:59 Clock | Service
Introduction of comprehensive Frankfurt night lines

Good news for night owls: since last year, suburban trains and some subways have been running continuously through the weekend nights - now Frankfurt's city transport makes the offer complete: with the change of timetable this weekend, many Frankfurt tram and subway lines as well as buses will also run without a break on the nights before Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. For the first time, the new night service will thus be available on the night of Friday, 14, to Saturday, 15 December 2018.

"The municipal night service in Frankfurt finally completes the night service in the S-Bahn and regional train network. This means we can bring night owls to Frankfurt's districts and out into the region around the clock and across the board on weekends," explains Frankfurt's Lord Mayor and RMV Supervisory Board Chairman Peter Feldmann.

"The new night service in Frankfurt completes the night owl offer. Now passengers can party in Frankfurt until the early hours of the morning on weekends and then return to Mainz, Central Hesse or Darmstadt, for example," says RMV Managing Director Prof. Knut Ringat. The means of transport are now as excellently interlocked at night as they are during the day."

The S-Bahns will be rolling every hour

"From December, Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region will be able to offer one of the most attractive night services in Germany," notes Klaus Oesterling. "Together with the new night service on the S-Bahn lines of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, Frankfurt is thus catching up with the international metropolises." "Almost 30 years ago, Frankfurt had introduced the night bus. It was time to adapt this successful model to the needs of today's passengers," explains Dr.-Ing. Tom Reinhold, Managing Director of Frankfurt's local transport company traffiQ. From the timetable change in December 2018, Frankfurt's night services will therefore be fundamentally restructured at weekends. "To make it easier for passengers to find their way around, the planners at traffiQ have largely based their choice of connections on the network of daily lines," says Reinhold.

Underground trains, trams and buses will run around the clock on weekends

"Four underground trains, four trams and 15 municipal bus lines will lay a dense transport network across the Main metropolis on the nights before Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. This means that they will be running around the clock, either in full or on certain routes". Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann emphasized.

The subways and trams will provide fast connections through the city every 30 minutes at night. In addition, the bus lines, which run at least once an hour, take on the task of providing fine connections from the rail stations to the city districts.

"During the week", the night bus service in Frankfurt am Main will continue from the Konstablerwache central station as passengers are accustomed to. The S-Bahn line S8 will then connect the night bus hub with the central station and the airport, also continuously at 30-minute intervals.

Here are the night lines on the move on weekend nights:

S-Bahns (every hour)

S1: Wiesbaden - Frankfurt - Rödermark-Ober-Roden

S2: Niedernhausen - Frankfurt - Dietzenbach

S3: Bad Soden - Frankfurt

S4: Kronberg - Frankfurt - Darmstadt

S5: Friedrichsdorf - Bad Homburg - Frankfurt

S8: Wiesbaden - Airport - Frankfurt - Hanau (every 30 minutes between Airport, Frankfurt and Offenbach)

Subway (every 30 minutes)

U4: Bockenheimer Warte - Seckbacher Landstraße

U5: Hauptbahnhof - Preungesheim

U7: Praunheim Heerstraße - Enkheim

U8: Südbahnhof - Riedberg - Nieder-Eschbach

Trams (every 30 minutes)

11: Höchst Zuckschwerdtstraße - Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße

12: Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße - Konstablerwache

16: Ginnheim - Offenbach Stadtgrenze

18: Konstablerwache - Preungesheim Gravensteiner-Platz

Bus lines (every 30 minutes)

36: Eschenheimer Tor - Sachsenhausen Hainer Weg

43: Bornheim Mitte - Bergen Ost

54: Höchst Bolongaropalast/Zuckschwerdtstraße - Sindlingen Friedhof

58: Höchst Bahnhof - Airport Terminal 1

60: Nordwestzentrum - Heddernheim

61: Südbahnhof - Airport Terminal 1

62: Schwanheim Rheinlandstraße - Airport Terminal 1

72: Industriehof - Nordwestzentrum

Bus lines (every 60 minutes)

28: Kalbach Hopfenbrunnen - Harheim Tempelhof

29: Nieder-Eschbach - Nieder-Erlenbach Hohe Brück

39: Preungesheim - Berkersheim Mitte

46: Hauptbahnhof - Europaviertel West - Rebstockbad

55: Rödelheim Bahnhof - Höchst Bahnhof

59: Unterliederbach Cheruskerweg- Höchst Bolongaropalast/ Zuckschwerdtstraße

63: Eschersheim Weißer Stein - Preungesheim

Tram lines 12 and 18 as well as several bus lines will be interconnected at night to provide passengers with transfer-free connections.

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