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Ironman in Frankfurt: Obstructions in local traffic

04.07.2018 | 11:33 Clock | Service
Ironman in Frankfurt: Obstructions in local traffic

On Sunday, 08 July, one of the region's biggest sporting events will once again take place: <link https: veranstaltungen s event ironman-european-championship.html _blank>The Ironman European Championship. Several thousand athletes from all over the world will then complete the triathlon, consisting of a 3.8 kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike ride and 42.2 kilometer marathon run, from the Langener Waldsee. This will of course result in a number of road closures, which is why numerous tram and bus routes will have to be temporarily diverted, interrupted or cancelled. In addition, the S-Bahn tunnel in Frankfurt will be closed.

<link http: de-de triathlon events emea ironman frankfurt infos _blank>Information on the road closures along the route can be found HERE

For an unhindered journey on this day, RMV and traffiQ therefore recommend the subways. For the marathon run, an expansion of the seat capacities is planned for the suburban trains as well as a 15 instead of 30-minute interval in the morning between Frankfurt Südbahnhof and Langen.

The buses of the rail replacement service between Kaiserlei and Konstablerwache are also affected by the sports event. Until 14:30, they will only run between Kaiserlei and Südbahnhof.

The diversions, interruptions and cancellations in detail


Line 11 (Fechenheim Schießhüttenstr. - Höchst Zuckschwerdtstraße)

Line 12 (Fechenheim Hugo-Junkers-Str. - Schwanheim Rheinlandstr.)

The two tram lines will be interrupted from 7.00 a.m. and will only be on partial routes. In the west of Frankfurt, line 11 will then only run on the Höchst - Hauptbahnhof (south side) section, line 12 only between Schwan-heim and Willy-Brandt-Platz. In the east of Frankfurt, things are a bit more complicated: From about 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., a ring line runs as "12" from Konstablerwache via Bornheim to Eissporthalle. It continues to the Ratsweg roundabout, where it turns into Hanauer Landstraße as "11" towards the city centre and returns to Konstablerwache via Ostbahnhof and Börneplatz. Around 12:30, the plan changes: from Schießhüttenstraße in Fechenheim, the "11" travels via Ostbahnhof and Börneplatz to Konstablerwache, from there via Bornheim to the zoo and further via Ostbahnhof back to Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße.

From about 5.30 p.m. onwards, the trams will run from Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße as before as line 11 to Konstablerwache and then as "12" via Bornheim Mitte to the Eissporthalle or Hugo-Junkers-Straße. From there it goes in each case on the same way back to Schießhüttenstraße.

Line 14 (Louisa Bahnhof - Bornheim Ernst-May-Platz)

This line runs from about 7:00 to 11:00 only between Neu-Isenburg and Südbahnhof and from 11:00 to 14:30 only between Louisa Bahnhof and Südbahnhof.

Line 15 (Niederrad Haardtwaldplatz - Südbahnhof)

The line cannot reach Südbahnhof from about 6.30 to 10.30 and is diverted from Haardtwaldplatz to Hauptbahnhof (south side).

Line 16 (Ginnheim - Offenbach city limits)

Here, from about 6.30 to 10.30 a.m., a disruption of the line between the main station and Südbahnhof is necessary. From Ginnheim, line 16 ends at the main station, coming from Offenbach and Oberrad, it is diverted from Südbahnhof to Louisa.

Line 17 (Rebstockbad - Neu-Isenburg city limits)

This line is in service from about 6.30 to 10.30 only between Rebstockbad and main station (south side).

Line 18 (Preungesheim Gravensteiner-Platz - Lokalbahnhof)

This line will cease operation from approximately 7:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Ebbelwei-Express of the VGF

The city tours are cancelled on this day.


Line 25 (Berkersheim - Nieder-Erlenbach)

The line is from about 8.00 to 17.00 only between Berkersheim station and Harheim Tempelhof.

Line 29 (Nordwestzentrum - Nieder-Erlenbach)

The line operates from about 8.15 to 17.00 only between Nordwestzentrum and Nieder-Eschbach subway station.

Line 30 (Bad Vilbel Bahnhof - Friedberger Warte)

Line 43 (Bergen Ost - Bornheim Mitte)

From about 7.45 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., lines 30 and 43 operate as a joint ring line from Bornheim Mitte via Friedberger Warte and Heiligenstock/Lohrberg, then to Bergen and from there on the route of line 43 via Seckbach back to Bornheim Mitte. Line 30 cannot operate between Heiligenstock and Bad Vilbel.

From Bornheim Mitte in the direction of Seckbach and Enkheim, you can get to Bornheim from about 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with another ring line 43, which returns to Bornheim via Vilbeler Landstraße, Borsigallee and Riederwald.

Line 32 (Westbahnhof - Ostbahnhof)

From about 8.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m., Line 32 operates only between Ostbahnhof/Sonnemannstraße and Günthersburgallee.

Line 34 (Gallus Mönchhofstraße - Bornheim Mitte)

The line cannot be operated from about 7.30 to 17.45 hrs. to Bornheim, but only runs between Mönchhofstraße and Homburger Landstraße/Marbachweg.

Line 36 (Westbahnhof - Sachsenhausen Hainer Weg)

From about 7.00 to 17.30, the line only runs between Westbahnhof and Eschenheimer Tor and between Südbahnhof and Hainer Weg.

Line 42 (Enkheim U-Bahn station - Bergen Ost)

The line cannot reach either the Enkheim U-Bahn station or the Bergen district from about 6.30 am to 2 pm. It operates on a circular route between Leuchte and Riedstraße in Enkheim.

Line 43 (Bergen Ost - Bornheim Mitte)

-see line 30 -

Line 44 (Seckbach Leonhardsgasse - Fechenheim Friedhof)

Operation on this line can be suspended until about 8.00 o'clock only from Leonhardsgasse to Mainkur and then until about 14.00 o'clock to Birsteiner Straße, just before the Mainkur, can be maintained.

Line 46 (Rebstock Römerhof - Offenbach Kaiserlei)

The Museumsufer line will operate only between Römerhof and Hauptbahnhof until about 10.30 a.m.

Line 61 (Airport Terminal 1 - Südbahnhof)

From about 5.45 to 10.45, buses coming from the airport will be diverted via the A5 motorway and then from the Niederrad exit along the southern bank of the River Main via Lyoner Straße and Goldsteinstraße to the temporary terminus at Oberforsthaus. Back it runs from Triftstraße on the normal way to the airport.

Line 65 (Nieder-Erlenbach - Bad Vilbel Bahnhof)

This line takes only with the trip from Nieder-Erlenbach Im Fuchsloch at 17.11 o'clock in the direction of Bad Vilbel.

Line 83 (Friedberger Warte - Lohrberg)

This line starts the first trip only at 18.02 o'clock from Friedberger Warte to Lohrberg.

Line OF-103 (Offenbach Eibenweg - Kaiserlei - Frankfurt Prüfling)

Line 103 will not be able to run between Kaiserlei and Frankfurt, Im Prüfling until about 13.30.

Line 551 (Gravenbruch - Offenbach - Frankfurt - Bad Vilbel)

The line will run from about 7.00 to 14.30 o'clock only between Gravenbruch and Fechenheim.

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