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"Kassandra" Premiere at Schauspiel Frankfurt

25.09.2023 | 11:50 Clock | Education
'Kassandra' Premiere at Schauspiel Frankfurt

As a sensational event, Christa Wolf's Frankfurt poetics lectures in 1982 continue to have an effect to this day, from which the
subsequent book publication developed: "Kassandra" became a worldwide success and has long since become a classic.
This tale of the Trojan War, which interprets the ancient myth from the perspective of the seeress Cassandra, was already readable on many levels at the
time of its publication: As a feminist narrative in which a woman in the patriarchy tries to
find her voice, as a Cold War narrative in which the parallels to Wolf's homeland, the GDR, became clear.

Manja Kuhl will bring the text to the stage in the box together with live musician Débora Vilchez. The focus here will be on
one's own voice, on the recognition of one's own role and the inexorability of system-immanent processes, which everyone
could foresee and yet does not want to admit.

Directed by Manja Kuhl Stage Marco Pinheiro Music Débora Vilchez

Dramaturgy Juliane Kann with Manja Kuhl

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