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"Klaa Paris" now also has a carnival museum

06.11.2017 | 08:24 Clock | Citywhispers
'Klaa Paris' now also has a carnival museum

(kus) In 1839 Heddernheim was a village with less than 2000 inhabitants. Life was hard and arduous, even running water did not yet exist. The people of Heddernheim had to fetch water from the wells. It was a considerable step forward when one day a water pump was given to the village. Two journeymen recognized the historic moment. They had been at the first carnival in Mainz a year earlier, and Heddernheim seemed ready for carnival as well. They made a wooden copy of the draw fountain and paraded it foolishly disguised through the alleys of Heddernheim with music and fanfare. That was the start of 178 years of carnival tradition.

In so many years, many exhibits and exhibits around the Heddernheimer carnival have come together. They are now on display at the Klaa Pariser Fastnachtsmuseum in Heddernheim Castle, which will be opened on Saturday, 4. November, at a celebration with guests from society, politics and associations was opened by Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann

In his opening speech Feldmann said: "I am pleased that the museum reminds of the great carnival tradition since 1839, because on Shrovetide, the Frankfurt district Heddernheim becomes the smallest world city. 100,000 people now come to the village every year on Shrove Tuesday, to Klaa Paris, and as certainly as the jester has a past and present, he also has a future - and that is why he belongs above all 'in die Bütt un uff de Gass'."

The idea for the museum came from Dietmar Pontow, 1st chairman of the Zuggemeinschaft Klaa Paris, long-time president and chairman of the Heddemer Käwwern and Vereinsring chairman. "The Klaa Pariser Fastnacht is an integral part of the events in the city of Frankfurt and a social event. This tradition as well as the origin should also be brought closer to the population in the form of exhibits, documents and pictures in our museum."

The Fastnachtsmuseum in Heddernheimer Schloss, Alt-Heddernheim 30, is open every 2nd. and 4th Saturday in the month, in each case from 14 to 17 o'clock, and after arrangement with Dietmar Pontow, telephone 069/581314, open

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