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Loriot's 100th birthday - ARD theme week and exhibition in Frankfurt

22.09.2023 | 09:22 Clock | Culture
Loriot's 100th birthday - ARD theme week and exhibition in Frankfurt

In a tribute to the unforgettable German humorist, cartoonist and director Vicco von Bülow, better known as "Loriot", special 100th birthday celebrations are coming up. On 12.11.23, the masterful humorist would have turned 100. ARD announces an exclusive theme week dedicated to the legacy of this humorous genius. At the same time, an extraordinary exhibition will open in Frankfurt to celebrate the life and work of Loriot.

The ARD theme week, which will air from Oct. 2, 2023, will present a wide range of Loriot's masterpieces, including classic sketches, cartoons and his distinctive television shows. This week will be used to remind audiences how Loriot captured the hearts of millions with his unique powers of observation and subtle comedy, and had a lasting impact on the German humor landscape. On Monday, 06.11.23 runs at 20:15 clock in the ERSTEN the documentary LORIOT100.

Simultaneously, visitors can expect an exhibition in Frankfurt, which is entitled ""Ach was. Loriot to the Hundertsten" in the Caricatura Museum runs. This exhibition will delve into the artist's multifaceted oeuvre and present a collection of his best works. From the famous "Gentlemen in Bathrobes" to his iconic cartoon characters, the exhibition will provide a behind-the-scenes look at his creative work.

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