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Major project A 66 Riederwald tunnel - start of demolition work

12.03.2019 | 13:34 Clock | Service
Major project A 66 Riederwald tunnel - start of demolition work

(ffm) In the course of the major project A 66 Riederwaldtunnel the demolition of the houses Flinschstraße 1 and 3 as well as Am Erlenbruch 131 (former restaurant) will start this week. Hessen Mobil has reached an agreement with the tenants and compensated them so that no additional costs or rent increases had to be borne as a result of the move.

It is planned to build the Riederwald Tunnel along the street Am Erlenbruch and the tracks of the U4 and U7 light rail lines. During the tunnel construction work, the light rail will be relocated northwards to the former allotment site. A ring road is planned for Am Erlenbruch road during the construction period, running north and south of the tunnel excavation pits.

Due to the tight space conditions, the traffic routing outlined above will be routed across the front part of the properties, which is why the existing buildings will have to be demolished. In addition, a new sewer - the so-called north collector - will be built in this area by Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt, as the existing sewer in the street Am Erlenbruch will be displaced by the future tunnel tube.

For the demolition of the buildings, analyses of the building materials are available, so that proper recycling and disposal, which will be monitored and controlled during construction, is ensured.

The planned sequence of demolition measures includes the gutting, dismantling and demolition of the properties as well as backfilling of the excavation pits and preparation of the site surfaces.

Low-emission construction equipment will be used for the demolition. For the directly adjacent residents, Hessen Mobil has provided appropriate protective measures for dust and noise development, such as irrigation during the demolition work. During construction, Hessen Mobil is monitoring the noise limits.

Further information on the overall measure can be found at

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