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Marvel, dream and laugh with Mandana at Circus Krone

31.05.2019 | 18:13 Clock | Culture
Marvel, dream and laugh with Mandana at Circus Krone

Until June 11, the renowned Circus Krone will be giving a guest performance at the Festplatz am Ratsweg in Frankfurt. With it, the Circus, which is one of the largest in Europe, has a new program that takes its audience into a truly enchanting world even before the performance begins. From the musical welcome in the awning, the prizes and souvenir photos on display to the illuminated palace that is the backdrop for "Mandana", everything here really does create a special atmosphere in which the circus magic then presented can really unfold.

As a framework for the individual performances of top-class artists and artists serves the story of the horse princess Mandana, which finds in the lion prince the great love. The two must now find a way to find each other despite their completely different personalities. During the course of the show, the two appear again and again until the whole thing culminates in the final wedding. Until that happens, the audience may laugh tears at the hilarious performances of "court jester" Steve Eleky, will marvel in disbelief at how artist Aleksandr Batuey can bend or will cheer with open mouths as the troupe Los Robles from Colombia balance at airy heights and even ride bicycles on the thin tightrope.

Only the best artists in their guild were hired for the show. Many international awards, such as at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, have gone to the performers featured here. Martin Lacey Jr. has also won several awards here for his predatory animal act. The Staubertini duo, who have really mastered the art of balance to perfection, were also able to enjoy a Silver Clown in Monte Carlo. The audience in Frankfurt can now see for themselves how well deserved this is.

As a successful addition to spectacular performances such as the great trampoline choreography of the Ukrainian troupe Non Stop, there are always performances by the Trio Without Socks from Russia during the changeover phases, who make children in particular laugh heartily with their colourful costumes and a new interpretation of classic clowning. Their performances are imaginative, cheeky and adorably funny. This is how circus should be!

Great artists, lots of humor, magical masks and costumes - all this makes "Mandana" a wonderful circus experience for the whole family. A successful mixture of tradition and modernity that will keep you spellbound for over two hours. You should not miss it. More information about the show times and tickets can be found HERE

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