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Million euro funding for swimming: Nieder-Eschbach's outdoor pool can be used all year round

26.02.2024 | 12:56 Clock | Sport
Million euro funding for swimming: Nieder-Eschbach's outdoor pool can be used all year round

Land Hessen supports air dome at Nieder-Eschbach outdoor pool with one million euros from the SWIM program

The outdoor pool in Nieder-Eschbach will also be usable in the winter months in future. This will be made possible by an air dome that will be erected over the pool during the winter months. The state of Hesse is funding this project, as well as the modernization of the heating technology in the swimming pool and a multifunctional building housing toilets and showers, with one million euros from the SWIM swimming pool investment and modernization programme. "We are thus making an important contribution to swimming in Hesse. Children and adults can only learn to swim if there are enough water areas available. We are promoting this by building the air dome and thus enabling the pool to be used all year round," said Minister President Boris Rhein on Monday, February 26, in Frankfurt's Nieder-Eschbach district.

There, the head of government presented Frankfurt's Lord Mayor and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Frankfurter BäderBetriebe, Mike Josef, and Managing Director, Boris Zielinski, with a funding notification in the amount of one million euros. According to Rheins, the construction of the air dome in Nieder-Eschbach is also an important signal for top-class sport: "Hessian athletes can only stand on the podium at important competitions if they have good training conditions. With money from the SWIM programme, we are ensuring a good infrastructure and providing additional water space in Nieder-Eschbach during the winter months," said Rhein, adding that around 58 million euros had been invested in the maintenance and modernization of Hessian swimming pools in the SWIM programme over the past five years. "We are aware of our responsibility for swimming and are happy to take it on. That is why we are continuing the SWIM program for another five years and expanding it. We want to strengthen swimming, health promotion and leisure activities in all regions. In future, we will also support offers to promote exercise and cross-generational activities," said the head of government.

Mayor Josef emphasized the advantages of the pool renovation: "The air dome with the new functional building in the Nieder-Eschbach outdoor pool will make it possible to use the pool all year round in future. This will be of particular benefit to citizens, clubs and schools from the region, who previously had to travel long distances to an indoor pool. With this hall, our town is making an important contribution to the provision of public services. I would like to thank everyone who worked on the implementation of the project with full commitment."

The additional building in Nieder-Eschbach is expected to increase the number of school sports users from 550 to 10,550 and the number of club sports users by around 10,000. An additional 25,000 visitors are expected for public swimming. "This construction is an important sign for the citizens in the north of Frankfurt. Thanks to its year-round use, swimming lessons at schools and school competitions will be possible throughout the year. Clubs will also be able to expand their popular and competitive sports activities," said the Minister President. "A good pool infrastructure is the prerequisite for becoming a good swimmer. It helps to prevent swimming accidents at lakes and in swimming pools."

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