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New Corona regulations passed for Hesse

18.08.2021 | 14:20 Clock | Service
New Corona regulations passed for Hesse

Frankfurt and other cities or counties in Hesse have unfortunately cracked the mark of a 7-day incidence of over 50 again. What this means now has been discussed by the Hesse state government at another Corona Cabinet meeting. The result is an extension of the existing Coronavirus Protection Order by four weeks and an adjustment of the results of the federal-state conference. "In view of continuously rising infection figures, distance and hygiene rules remain important for everyone," said Deputy Prime Minister Tarek Al-Wazir following the cabinet meeting. He called on everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to take advantage of the nationwide free vaccination offers.

"It has never been easier to protect yourself and others from the Corona virus. There is enough vaccine available for all Hessians. In our vaccination centres it can be done immediately and without any appointment. Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself, your friends, relatives and society as a whole from Corona disease and a fourth wave." Al-Wazir also pointed out additional restrictions that face the non-vaccinated and non-recovered. "While most restrictions are no longer necessary given vaccination rates are now well over 60 percent, there will be additional testing requirements for people without vaccination coverage, especially as incidences rise, and they will have to pay for it themselves in perspective," he said."

An overview of the most important changes to the statewide coronavirus protection ordinance (Effective Aug. 19.2021):


After the summer holidays, there will be prevention weeks in schools - as announced. During the first two weeks of classes, all students (and teachers, of course) will be tested three times a week rather than twice. During the prevention weeks, a medical mask must also be worn at the seat - regardless of the incidence on site.

An important change for the start of school is also that pupils will no longer need any further proof of testing in addition to regular testing at school, for example to go to the cinema, to a restaurant or to the hairdresser. For this purpose, the Hessian Ministry of Education issues a Test Booklet for Pupils in which the regular tests are entered by the school or teachers. This record is then valid not only on the test days, but in general.

"We are doing everything we can to ensure that school can run as safely as possible after the summer holidays - and with presence supervision at all schools. For children and young people in particular, the Corona pandemic is a particularly challenging time with a lot of sacrifices. I am therefore also pleased that we can provide the pupils with a little relief for their everyday life and leisure time with the new test booklet", said Minister of Education Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz. Meanwhile, Lorz welcomed the vote of the Permanent Vaccination Commission on Corona vaccinations for children aged 12 and above. "The recommendation makes the decision easier for parents and their children. Vaccination is an important building block for safe schooling."

Major sporting events:

In Hesse, the regulations of the MPK decision apply to large events with more than 5.000 spectators. The maximum permissible capacity (of the stadium) is 50 per cent, with a maximum of 25,000 spectators.

Discotheques and clubs:

We are now taking another opening step with discotheques and clubs. These can now open for indoor club use, but only for those vaccinated, recovered or with a current PCR test (tested no more than 48 hours ago), a rapid test is not sufficient here. In future, there will be no maximum number of guests (previously 250), neither indoors nor outdoors; however, 5 square metres must be available for each guest.

If local incidences increase, the counties and independent cities must take further restrictions in accordance with the prevention and escalation concept. If the incidence of infection can be clearly contained, targeted hotspot measures will be taken.

The most important changes at a glance:

From an incidence of 35:

expansion of the 3G rule (access only for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons) according to the MPK decision:

So far: 3G rule only in indoor catering and larger gatherings

New / Additional: 3G rule indoors in all cultural and recreational facilities and sports venues, as well as services close to the body (ie.i.e. including hairdressing) and when visiting facilities for the disabled. Non-vaccinated and non-recovered hotel guests must provide negative proof not only upon arrival, but twice weekly.

From an incidence of 50:

Events (25 or more people):

Events can be held outdoors without a permit with up to 500 people (previously: 200) and indoors with up to 250 people (previously: 100). Vaccinated and convalescents do not count.

In crowded situations, a medical mask must also be worn outside.

From an incidence of 100:

Reinforcing the 3G rule (access only for vaccinated, recovered, or tested individuals)

3G rule in recreational and cultural facilities, amateur sports, and additionally in outdoor dining in addition to indoor dining.

In retail, square meter guidelines are then to be adhered to again (on the first 800 sqm 1 customer/10 sqm, above that 1 customer/20 sqm).

The mask obligations will be extended (school also at the seat, FFP2 for staff in old people's and nursing homes, in services close to the body as well as in public transport).

Events are already subject to approval with more than 200 or 100 participants (plus vaccinated + recovered).

A general home office recommendation should be made.

10-person contact limit for non-vaccinated or recovered. Non-vaccinated.

In conclusion, Tarek Al-Wazir stressed, "Incidences remain an important and reliably recorded indicator of infection incidence. The Hessian way of the escalation concept has proven itself very well in the pandemic so far, because it enables the municipalities to react specifically to local infection outbreaks and particularities. However, in view of the considerable progress in vaccination, the significance of specific incidence figures has changed. Incidence figures that a few months ago would have indicated that the health care system would soon be overburdened are now manageable for the health care system. We have taken both circumstances into account by adjusting the escalation approach. Mandating the 3G rule in many indoor settings above an incidence of 35 is a first preventive step. Substantial changes, above all in an extension of the 3G regulation also for outside areas as well as further mask obligations, take place only starting from an incidence of 100. It remains: The king's way out of the Pandemie is and remains the vaccination. Therefore, the state government renews its appeal: Get vaccinated!"

Further information on the Hessian escalation concept:

All rules, regulations, and FAQs at

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