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New Corona relaxation for hotels and gastronomy

26.05.2020 | 18:23 Clock | Culinary
New Corona relaxation for hotels and gastronomy

After the initial joy over the announcement that gastronomy could reopen from 15. May can open again, followed for many operators and operators of gastronomic businesses in view of the 5sqm rule applicable in Hesse the disillusionment: an opening is under these conditions economically simply not feasible. But now this regulation is tipped in the course of a further relaxation - very much to the joy also of department of economics Markus franc: ?The catering trade is an industry of large meaning for our city and it is a large relief for our catering trade that already starting from Thursday the regulation is void that only one person per begun five square meters guest surface is permitted. Open restaurants send out important vibes to all of our spirits in these challenging times - we've felt the lack of those splashes of color and culinary indulgence in recent weeks."

Also relieved is Madjid Djamegari, chairman of the Frankfurt Gastronomy Initiative, who had campaigned vigorously against the 5sqm rule: "We are happy that our persistent efforts to abolish the five-square-metre rule have been successful, and we would like to thank in particular those responsible in the Frankfurt City Magistrate's Office for their active support. This, along with the generous opportunity to expand outdoor restaurant space, will allow Frankfurt restaurateurs to take the next step toward operating their restaurants in a commercially viable manner during this time."

"I am very pleased that the state government of Hesse has now finally repealed the five-square-meter rule and adopted the national standards. The push for realistic spacing rules has paid off. Even last week, during visits to Frankfurt pubs, I was able to see the hardships that this rule had caused for the catering trade. An economic operation of the restaurant was not possible under these circumstances. The 1.5 metre seat pitch is now a further step towards normality. I continue to rely on the common sense of the Frankfurt people, who have so far behaved predominantly exemplary when visiting restaurants," says Mayor Peter Feldmann.

With the new Corona Contact and Operating Restriction Ordinance (valid from Thursday, May 28), the seat distance of 1.5 meters must indeed continue to be observed. This minimum distance does not apply between persons who are members of their own household or who, as members of another household, are arranged to visit the pub with the former.

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