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New signs along the Nidda to protect habitats

22.04.2024 | 22:00 Clock | Favorite places
New signs along the Nidda to protect habitats

The renaturation of the Nidda not only facilitates the ascent of fish. Rare dragonflies, amphibians such as the pond frog and protected bird species such as the kingfisher have found a habitat at the former Höchster Weir and the Bonameser Altarm. However, nature is suffering from excessive use by the public. Although the city council issued two general decrees with clear rules of conduct in May 2023, the protected areas continued to be used for barbecues, walks, picnics, dog runs and swimming.

Now six signs are to provide clarity. The signs at clearly visible locations contain the regulations of the general decrees together with the corresponding map section. A red dot on the map shows walkers and recreationists exactly where they are and they can read which regulations apply there. A clearly visible sign with the green bordered symbol "Landscape conservation area" hangs above everything. Visitors can see at a glance that they are in a particularly valuable natural area. This signage should also make the work of the municipal police easier. The patrols can refer directly to the signposted rules when prohibiting prohibited uses.

It is forbidden to enter or drive on marked areas of the banks. Dogs are also not allowed to run there, with or without a leash. It is also forbidden to use boats, canoes, rafts, inflatable boats, air mattresses, stand-up paddle boards or other watercraft and sports equipment on the Nidda in the protected areas. Model airplanes, drones or other flying objects may not take off or land there or fly over the protected area. Exceptions only apply for official or approved professional purposes.

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