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New TATORT is filmed in Frankfurt

09.03.2019 | 10:57 Clock | Culture
New TATORT is filmed in Frankfurt

Janneke and Brix are back in action. Until April 3, the next TATORT around the popular investigator team from the Main metropolis will be filmed in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. It is the eleventh assignment for the duo, which is being produced under the working title "Die Guten und die Bösen" (The Good and the Bad) by Hessische Rundfunk (hr) on behalf of ARD Degeto. Margarita Broich and Wolfram Koch will, of course, once again take on the leading roles. Petra K. Wagner is in the director's chair, the script is by David Ungureit.

The new assignment of the Frankfurt investigative team is given a great deal of topicality by the scandals with which the Hessian police are currently struggling. It is about a murderer suspected in the ranks of the police and a case of vigilante justice. The value system of the commissioners is shaken and forces them to question their police work. Incidentally, Hannelore Elsner will also be involved, thus returning to TATORT, for which she had investigated in 1997 as Commissioner Lea Sommer - her character from the series "Die Kommissarin".

About the content of the new TATORT: After a night of drinking, Janneke and Brix are called to a crime scene, heavily hungover: A man has apparently been tortured and then murdered in a lonely cabin in the woods. To their astonishment, police captain Ansgar Matzerath (Peter Lohmeyer) makes a confession while still at the scene of the crime. He claims to have killed the man because he kidnapped and raped his wife seven years ago. He does not value extenuating circumstances and demands a harsh punishment for himself. Complicated by extensive renovation work in the police station and coaching sessions taking place at the same time, the commissioners begin their interrogation. Is Matzerath really the perpetrator? Is the victim really his wife's rapist? What does the long-retired commissioner (Hannelore Elsner), who worked the case back then and never solved it and is still chasing her own demons, know? Piece by piece, they put the pieces of the puzzle together and encounter new questions that affect their own work and shake their self-image as police officers.

Jan Velten (camera), Manfred Döring (production design), Christian Mathias (sound), Silke Franken (editing), Stefanie Bieker (costume design) and Nathalie Mischel (casting) are responsible for the realization of the material. Dominik Diers is in charge of production, Liane Jessen and Erin Högerle (both hr) and Birgit Titze (ARD Degeto) are in charge of editing. The TATORT will probably be shown next year.

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