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New toilets for Bethmannpark

13.10.2022 | 10:44 Clock | Citywhispers
New toilets for Bethmannpark

A visit to the beautiful Bethmannpark at the lower end of Berger Straße is now even more attractive. Because there is now a new, high-quality public toilet here. A missing toilet or dirty toilets can spoil a nice excursion. This has now finally been counteracted. The new toilet facility has been available to park visitors for several weeks. It is operated by FES Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH on behalf of the Department of Building and Real Estate (ABI). In close coordination, the ABI with the FES and the district and citizens' representatives have brought the new toilet facility from planning to implementation in a good year on the way.

The Bethmannpark facility is exemplary for the approaches and proposals of the municipal toilet concept, which is currently in the final stages of business. Sylvia Weber, Head of the Department of Education, Real Estate and New Construction, says: "I am very pleased that this facility will not only increase the quality of stay in Bethmannpark, but also that the toilet concept for the city is gaining momentum and taking shape. The resolution of the concept will bring about many good facilities - such as this one."

The facility is implemented in modular design. Although the standard equipment produced in series was installed here, the ensemble is of high quality. The manufacturer is the company Fierz from Switzerland. Outside, a wooden cladding made of untreated larch wood was chosen. Inside, two unisex cabins were clad with stainless steel. This makes them odor and dirt resistant and thus easy to clean. It is the first facility of this type in the whole of Frankfurt.

In the selection and planning process, the concerns of the Parks Department and the city's Department for the Protection of Historical Monuments were taken into account, so that the facility fits well into the ensemble of the park. The costs are somewhat higher than for previous installations in Frankfurt parks. However, the city of Frankfurt and the FES expect to compensate for this by significantly reducing maintenance costs thanks to the robustness of the facility's construction. This is another reason why the toilet concept proposes this structural design in stainless steel for many areas of the city. Councilwoman Weber adds, "We have found a good way with this implementation and design, which offers users good quality in the long term."

The opening hours are analogous to those of Bethmannpark from Monday to Friday from 7 am, on weekends from 10 am, in each case until nightfall. The use is partly free of charge. Families and people with disabilities are charged 50 cents to use the module. If people with disabilities have a Eurokey, then access is free. Use of the multifunction module is also free of charge. Cleaning intervals of the FES teams are three times a day in summer and twice a day in winter. Every two months the facility is maintained by the FES.

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