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New vaccination centre opens in MyZeil

05.01.2022 | 17:32 Clock | Service
New vaccination centre opens in MyZeil

All over Germany vaccinations are currently being given for all they're worth. In Frankfurt, too, the number of vaccinations is on the rise again after the holidays. For all those who would like to have a first, second or booster vaccination, there is now another vaccination offer in Frankfurt city centre: the new vaccination centre of the Impfdocs, which was opened today, Wednesday, 05.01.22. The vaccination centre of the Impfdocs is a group of vaccination centres in Frankfurt. The Impfdocs are a group of doctors who vaccinate people against Covid-19 under the motto "Together against the Pandemic"

The vaccination center is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center and will be open daily, including Sundays. The following opening hours are planned for the time being: from Mon - Fri the Vaccination Centre will open from 12.30pm until 8pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am until 8pm. Please note that opening hours may change over the coming weeks.

Information on vaccination

Currently, all persons over 30 years of age are vaccinated with the vaccine of the company Moderna (Spikevax®) in the vaccination center in MyZeil. For those under 30 years of age, the vaccine from BioNTech (Comirnaty®) is offered. Corona booster vaccination (booster) with Moderna (Spikevax®) can be given with all prior vaccinations.

Newest STIKO recommendation: booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine for persons ≥18 years of age can be administered as early as the completed 3rd month after completion of basic immunization. So: if you want to get boostered, you can secure an appointment with the vaccination docs right away.

Vaccine Information

The vaccines from BioNTech (Comirnaty®) and Moderna (Spikevax®) have been shown to be the most effective vaccines against COVID-19. Both vaccines are equally effective and well tolerated. Only persons younger than 30 years of age and pregnant women should be vaccinated with BioNTech's Comirnaty® vaccine.

Currently, Moderna's Spikevax® vaccine is predominantly available nationwide.

If BioNTech's active ingredient was given for the first and second vaccinations, Moderna's can just as easily be given for the booster.

You can find more information and make an appointment HERE

Opening Hours

Mo - Fri 12.30pm - 8pm

Sa & Sun 10.30am - 8pm.00 a.m.

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