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New VHS program offers around 2800 courses

03.07.2018 | 13:14 Clock | Service
New VHS program offers around 2800 courses

ffm) The Volkshochschule Frankfurt (VHS) has published its program for the months of September 2018 to January 2019. For the autumn and winter, there are around 2,800 new courses and events on the programme: foreign languages, IT, professional development, health education, literature, music, theatre, dancing, photography, visual arts and much more. The programme also includes 160 one-week educational holidays on a variety of topics.

The program is supplemented by target group-specific offers such as "Active in old age", the highly gifted center and the young VHS. The young VHS offers around 60 courses for children and young people every six months. Children can make detective stories, draw mangas or sew bags and cushions. For everyday life and practice, there are PC courses and courses on how to handle money better. Self-assertion courses strengthen the self-confidence of young people. There are also courses on learning techniques and refreshing school knowledge such as mathematics, languages, chemistry and physics. Graduation, and then? A course also provides answers and tips. 30 courses take place during the autumn holidays, including a course on archaeology, better learning with circus or an etiquette course. Hip hop and break dance courses have long been part of the repertoire.

In addition to its adult program, Filmforum Höchst also has its own children's film series. Every month, four children's films are selected and shown on Friday and Sunday afternoons. The current program focuses on Filmforum Höchst, which is part of the VHS. As a nationally and internationally renowned cinema, it shows arthouse productions as well as auteur and documentary films and organizes festivals such as Cuba im Film, Africa Alive and Cinebrasil. On the topic of "Cinema and Film in Hessen", Ralph Förg, managing director of the Filmhaus Frankfurt, and Erwin Heberling, co-managing director of the Hessian Film and Cinema Office, will present the work of the two film-cultural institutions on October 17 and discuss the situation and perspectives of filmmakers and cinemas in Hessen.

The Studium Generale of the VHS has been restructured for the coming course semester. On two evenings per week, those interested can deal with the great epochs of human history. Starting on October 2, the course will begin with the period from the Middle Ages to the Reformation. The historical and cultural aspects will be supplemented by current topics from society (with a focus on religion) and science (geology and mathematics). All eras are covered in four course semesters. The Studium Generale can be booked under course no. 0010-50.

Nearly 200 new offerings are specially marked in the program, for example a course on the songwriter Leonard Cohen, who died in 2016, a short story writing training, a vocal coaching for frequent speakers, survival tips for everyday office life, a retrospective on the year 1968 or a basic course in archaeology. New courses have also been launched in the area of Business English, such as a course for young professionals "21+ Professional English for young professionals B1/B2". Do you love blue, do you see red? The VHS program also includes new courses on painting techniques, color perspective and photography. Among them is, for example, a photographic journey of discovery in Frankfurt's northwest or a course on experimental drawing.

For the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Germany, the VHS is participating with five contributions. These include discussion events with keynote speeches and table discussions, a city walk introducing Frankfurt women who have had a special impact in their city, and a lecture on the feminist Hedwig Dohm. The Filmforum Höchst will be showing the film "Suffragette - Deeds not Words".

On Saturday, September 22, the VHS will celebrate the European Day of Languages. During the day, selected European languages and national-cultural characteristics will be presented. There will be introductions to some languages, presentation of learning methods such as PDL or a Spanish course for beginners in which Salsa will be danced. A cultural programme with a panel discussion is planned for the evening, presenting the 2018 Capitals of Culture, Leeuwarden in the Netherlands and Valletta in Malta.

A total of 70 lecture and information evenings on all aspects of everyday life, work and leisure are included in the new programme. Here you can learn in a compact form about trends and innovations in the field of computers and the Internet, for example, about data protection and learning apps. Health issues will also be discussed, such as stomach and intestinal problems or the temporomandibular joint from the perspective of ostheopathy. Other topics come from the cultural field, psychology and history.

Course bookings can be made now via the VHS website <link http: _blank>, by phone at 069/212-71501 or by email to <link> .

The printed and free program booklet is available in the VHS houses: VHS head office, Sonnemannstraße 13, VHS centre west (BiKuZ), Michael-Stumpf-Straße 2, VHS teaching centre, Leipziger Straße 67, VHS in the multi-generation house, Idsteiner Straße 91 as well as in the VHS centre north (northwest centre), Tituscorso 7. It is also available in many bookshops, district libraries, the central library, citizens' offices and museums.

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