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"On now! In Eintracht for the Region" - Great actions by Eintracht players

20.04.2020 | 09:49 Clock | People
'On now! In Eintracht for the Region' - Great actions by Eintracht players
'On now! In Eintracht for the Region' - Great actions by Eintracht players
'On now! In Eintracht for the Region' - Great actions by Eintracht players

Last week, Eintracht Frankfurt kicked off the AUF JETZT! campaign, which already existed in 2016. Back then, the whole region helped the club in the fight to stay in the league. This time, Eintracht wants to help the region, especially the people who are suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus. In doing so, the entire Eintracht family wants to lend a hand and follow words with deeds.

Kevin Trapp surprises birthday children

Of course, this also includes the players, who are happy to participate. Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, for example, supported the free food drives in the Frankfurt area last Thursday and made some Eintrachtler very happy. It came as a real surprise to a couple of members who had a birthday that day. Trapp surprised them at the front door and presented them with a gift. Since birthdays can be a little sad at this time, this was a really nice gesture.

Danny da Costa visits Frankfurt University Hospital

Danny da Costa got a glimpse of the challenges and daily routine of the nursing staff and medical professionals at the University Hospital. Talking to the nursing staff, Danny da Costa is impressed by the performance of the employees, "The nursing staff sees how people suffer from the virus. To go through that day after day and to be able to block it out again and again is very hard on the nerves. Not just reading statistics and figures about it brings the impact of the virus very close to me. It's impressive that the nursing staff don't just do their jobs and then go home." In addition to the nursing staff's tireless efforts, he said he was particularly impressed "that staff were pulled out of completely different departments to come up with solutions to deal with the virus day and night."

Sebastian Rode visits Diakonie Hessen

Born in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Sebastian Rode went to Darmstadt last week to see for himself the need for help from the social institution.

"Especially in the current phase, certain things are falling away and there you should also think especially of such projects. I hope that together, in harmony we will get through the time. The Diakonie Hessen initiates great projects with a lot of helpful people who are fully involved," the midfielder recognizes more than ever the necessities in the current situation.


Stefan Ilsanker visits the Arche in Frankfurt

2018 Chandler and Hradecky, now Stefan Ilsanker. The Arche Frankfurt once again received a visit from an eagle carrier and was able to present their excellent work for children in the area. Stefan Ilsanker has firm plans to visit the facility again soon. He was even able to surprise some children and young people at the Arche Nordweststadt with online tutoring. He also appeals to the Eagles family: "Please help the Ark, it's a great project, I myself will get involved!"


David Abraham to assist at German Red Cross

Team captain David Abraham stands in unison for the region and lent a hand during his visit to the German Red Cross (DRK) quarters kitchen. "I am pleased to have gained some insight into the challenging work of the DRK. The neighbourhood kitchen is a great project that helps many people. The hardworking team cooks for hundreds of people. This is just great and only possible with great dedication, heart and soul and donations. Please help!" said Abraham after his visit to the DRK.

Mijat Gacinovic surprises Frankfurt companies

The current situation also makes it anything but easy for many companies and businesses in Frankfurt. Mijat Gacinovic visited some and gave them courage.

Gleaming eyes, speechless owners and a gratitude that was literally tangible - on his surprise tour of Frankfurt, Mijat Gacinovic made so some Eintrachtler happy. He visited five businesses affected by the Corona crisis and registered on the platform With them: symbolic encouragers in the form of "AUF JETZT!" shirts and stickers. After training, we set off from the stadium in the direction of Sachsenhausen. Where all hell normally breaks loose on match day, there is currently a yawning void. In Alt-Sachsenhausen, as currently ordered nationwide, all pubs have closed.

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