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Organic waste will again be collected weekly in ten city districts

28.03.2020 | 12:39 Clock | Service
Organic waste will again be collected weekly in ten city districts

The model test "weekly organic waste collection" goes into the second round. This means that from now on in ten selected districts of Frankfurt, the Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH (FES) will again collect organic waste on a weekly basis until the end of October. A total of 15,000 organic waste bins will be collected in the following districts: Griesheim South, Schwanheim, Sindlingen, Zeilsheim, Harheim, Frankfurter Berg, Eckenheim, Ginnheim, Dornbusch and Westend North.

The aim of the model trial, which will be spread over two growing seasons (2019 and 2020), is to find an answer to the question of whether the amount of organic waste can be increased in this way. Head of the Environment Rosemarie Heilig has announced the city-wide introduction of weekly emptying of the organic waste bin in the event that the model test should show a significant increase in the amount of organic waste.

Side effect of weekly emptying: kitchen waste can not develop its aroma in the bin for two weeks in the warm months. This year, the test will again be flanked by a marketing campaign. The core messages: "No plastic in organic" and "More organic in organic".

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