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Overview of free Corona testing opportunities is online - update

07.04.2021 | 13:07 Clock | Service
Overview of free Corona testing opportunities is online - update

Since March, every citizen has been entitled to at least one free Corona rapid test each week, according to new federal testing regulations. The implementation of this offer is still proving to be quite difficult. But there is now at least another step in the right direction: the state of Hesse has published an online list in which all reported testing opportunities are listed. This list is updated regularly.

"After the federal government published its new testing regulation, the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration immediately forwarded a model general order and further information on the commissioning of testing centres in the state to the health authorities, as discussed last week. It is extremely gratifying to see how intensively cities, counties, doctors, dentists and pharmacists are getting involved together with the state in order to open additional testing sites very quickly," said Health Minister Klose.

"As announced, we have now posted on our website an overview of the contact points for free Corona rapid tests for citizens in Hesse that have been reported to us so far. Of course, the list is continuously updated, more places are added daily," the minister reported.

Under the following link

you will find the regularly updated overview of the test sites. The list is structured by postal code areas.

"The overview shows: All those involved in Hesse in record time are working at full speed to implement the claim of the federal government for the citizens of Hesse. For this I thank you again expressly," Klose concluded.

Some test sites in Frankfurt (as of 07.04.2021)

Please note: Inquiries about dates, etc., must be made with the respective providers. Generally, pre-registration is requested for many to avoid queues.

Test Center Corona - Flight Simulator Frankfurt AIRlebnis-Flug GmbH

Jerrie House, Amelia-Mary-Earhart-Strasse 17

60549 Frankfurt Airport - Gateway Gardens

Please contact us via the website Book appointment. Select Frankfurt location and register. Carrying out free citizen tests (rapid antigen tests and PCR tests). Also execution of paid rapid antigen tests and PCR test possible.

Medicare Testzentrum
Allerheiligenstrasse 13
60313 Frankfurt a.M.

ASB Testcenter City
An der Hauptwache 1
60313 Frankfurt a.M.

5K Goethe Apotheke

Oeder Weg 51

60318 Frankfurt a.M.

5K Apotheke

Kaiserstr. 40

60329 Frankfurt a.M.

Orthopedic practice at the Fürstenhof
Kaiserstraße 35
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Corona Schnelltestcenter
Bergerstrasse 162
60385 Frankfurt am Main

ASB-Testcenter Ost
Borsigallee 14
60388 Frankfurt am Main

Bornheim Practice - Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic and Corona
Im Prüfling 17-19
60389 Frankfurt am Main

KVH Test Center / Drive-In

Straße der Nationen

60486 Frankfurt am Main

5K Triamedis Apotheke

Im Steinbacher Hohl 4

60488 Frankfurt a.M.

KVH-Testzentrum Uniklinik Frankfurt

Sandhofstraße/corner Sandhöfer AlleeBuilding no. 65

60528 Frankfurt am Main

5K Pharmacy at Lidl Niederrad

Goldsteinstr. 157

60528 Frankfurt a.M.

Teststelle Frankfurt - Corona-Hausbesuch GbR
Dr. Sapoutzis & Deißenroth GbR<x><BR</x> Walter-Kolb-Straße 18
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Dr. med. Dieter Rummel
Schweizerstrasse 47
60594 Frankfurt am Main

5K Universe Pharmacy

Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 (Haus 12)

60596 Frankfurt a.M.

Kissel Apotheke
Mörfelder Landstraße 235
60598 Frankfurt am Main

Pharmacy at Hainerweg<x><BR</x> Hainer Weg 144
60599 Frankfurt am Main

Hausärzte Dr. med. Cordula Krause, Annabella Kadenbach, Nana Davarashvili, Jacob Davarashvili
Melchiorstrasse 1A
65929 Frankfurt am Main (Without appointment)

ASB-Testcenter West
Silostraße 23
65929 Frankfurt a.M.

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