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Register now for the 3rd "Frankfurt Cleanup"

11.03.2021 | 12:10 Clock | Citywhispers

Frankfurt needs to get cleaner. In too many places in the city - and especially where it should be nice and green - everyday littering is a real problem. The city repeatedly tries to draw attention to this with special campaigns. The two previous "Frankfurt Cleanups" have been particularly successful. They will now be followed in April by the third city-wide Cleanup Day. The plan is to hold the 3rd "Frankfurt Cleanup" on Friday, 23, and Saturday, 24 April. "With the 'Frankfurt Cleanup' we start the spring in the city. We have also come up with a new slogan for it. With 'Hey Frankfurt. We'll clean you up' we all want to work together to free our city from the rubbish of the winter months. We want to shake people up and show that even in times of lockdown and corona-related restrictions, rubbish continues to concern us all," says Rosemarie Heilig, Head of the Environment Department. Central collection events will be in downtown and Höchst. "Registration for the Frankfurt Cleanup is open starting today. Join in our spring cleaning and help to set a sign against the littering of our city."

More than 2300 people had participated in the two-day Frankfurt Cleanup last September - despite restrictions due to the pandemic. This was more than twice as many as in the previous year. Among other places, the collection took place in the vicinity of the Deutsche Bank Park at the Stadtwald. Eintracht Frankfurt helped out there as a partner of the "Frankfurt Cleanup 2020". But 38 city districts were also involved. They collected in pairs or in groups. As a company event, as a school or kindergarten. The result: almost 3.6 tons of garbage.

Organized the "Frankfurt Cleanups" again this year by Frankfurt's cleanliness campaign #cleanffm, the green space office and the FES. "It's good that we are joining forces at this early stage in the year," says FES Managing Director Benjamin Scheffler. "We at FES City Sanitation remember very well last year's flood of to-go packaging at old and new gathering places. The first warm days of the year have made it clear, we have to be prepared for more garbage in the parks, on the banks of the Main and everywhere in the city this year as well. But the city-wide 'Frankfurt Cleanup' is a vivid reminder of the responsibility we all share for keeping our hometown clean."

"Of course, we can't do without a hygiene concept this year," emphasizes Councilwoman Heilig. "I hope that we can still get a lot of people to participate in the 'Frankfurt Cleanup 2021' alone, in pairs, as a family, but in any case under the applicable hygiene regulations." Last year, there was 30 percent more packaging waste on Frankfurt's streets and green spaces. This not only damages the cityscape, it leaves traces there. Cigarette butts, broken glass and more are a danger to the habitat of animals and plants. "With the 'Frankfurt Cleanup' we protest against those who quite obviously think they can dispose of their garbage at the expense of the general public, but above all at the expense of the environment. To them we say: Garbage belongs in the bin, and that's where your selfishness and carelessness belong."

Register for Frankfurt Cleanup 2021 from 10. March to April 14 at

variant 1

Participation in central collection event

Who? Anyone and everyone, with their own group or on their own

Where and when? Friday, April 23, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. downtown, meeting at Willy-Brandt-Platz or Saturday, April 24, from 11 a.m. to about 2 p.m. in Höchst, meeting at Brüningpark.

Variant 2

In the neighborhoods

Who? Anyone and everyone, with their own group or alone in an area of their own choosing, for example, on their own street, around their business premises, in a nearby park

.Collection materials such as gloves, picker tongs, and trash bags will be provided as always; upon notification, materials may be picked up at the FES Service Center, FES recycling centers, or the Clean Frankfurt Staff Office. Issue in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations.

Important note: If no relaxations have been decided by 23/24 April, there will be a plan B for the central actions, the information will be announced to all participants in good time. In the districts, the individual actions can take place in compliance with the regulations of the Hessian state government in effect at that time.

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