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Schülererticket Hessen ein voller Erfolg

13.03.2018 | 09:52 Clock | Service
Schülererticket Hessen ein voller Erfolg

40.000 tickets sold at VGF - Mayor Feldmann talks to a young passenger

Since summer 2017, the Schülererticket Hessen can be purchased. It enables Hessian schoolchildren and trainees to be mobile throughout Hesse for 365 euros a year. A great offer that has already been used by 40,000 young people. Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann took this very positive response as an opportunity to talk to a trainee together with VGF Managing Director and Labour Director Thomas Wissgott, who reported on behalf of the 40,000 how he uses the advantages of his new ticket.

"It's wonderful that we can give young people the chance to be on the move throughout Hesse so inexpensively with the Schülererticket Hessen," said Feldmann, summing up the advantages of the new ticket after the conversation. "The sales figures at VGF speak for themselves," Feldmann continued. "The fact that 40,000 tickets have already been sold in such a short time shows quite clearly that it was the right decision to introduce this ticket."

In Frankfurt, the Schülererticket Hessen replaced the CleverCard Frankfurt. This offer was already very well received in the past, with around 27,000 tickets sold per year, but the sales figures for the new Schülererticket have far exceeded this.

The proportion of subscriptions taken out is particularly high for the Schülerticket Hessen, at around 30,000. "In the subscription, the ticket is automatically extended annually until the 18th birthday," Wissgott explains an additional advantage of the new ticket. To do this, order forms only need to be filled in completely once and sent with a copy of proof of age to the VGF subscription service (Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH, Aboservice, 60276 Frankfurt or by e-mail to <link> Only after the 18th birthday a confirmation of the school and/or the training enterprise is needed annually. Of course, the subscription can be cancelled at any time at the end of the month. Both an annual payment (365 euros) and a monthly payment (12 x 31 euros = 372 euros) are possible.

The VGF plans to offer the option of subscribing online via <link http: _blank>

and upload proof of age and school certification.

"Those who prefer to buy their student ticket for just one year and take it with them immediately can do so in our VGF ticket shops," Wissgott continues. "The convenient thing about them is that they can be found all over the city." An overview of the shops can be found at <link http: ticketshops _blank>

on the Internet.

"The city of Frankfurt offers an additionally discounted student ticket Hessen for Frankfurt Pass holders," emphasizes Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann. "The difference to the regular price is borne by the city of Frankfurt," Feldmann explains. The ticket will be sold in the usual way via the sales offices and the subscription service of the VGF. Pupils and trainees with Frankfurt Pass entitlement will pay 239 euros for the Schülererticket Hessen if they pay once and 246 euros if they pay 12 times (= 20.50 euros per month).

The Schülererticket Hessen is available as an eTicket. Like the CleverCard, it is issued on a chip card. The look differs from that of the other chip cards for eTickets. It is important to note that regardless of which motif is printed on the ticket, the technology behind it is the same. If there are no chip cards with a Schülererticket Hessen motif in stock, these will also be issued on regular chip cards. One of the biggest advantages of the chip cards is that tickets can be blocked and replaced if they are lost.

You can also find more information about the new ticket and the order form on the VGF website at <link http: schueler _blank>

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