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Start of construction - Camberger Bridge now also closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic until the end of 2024

15.01.2023 | 11:03 Clock | Service
Start of construction - Camberger Bridge now also closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic until the end of 2024

Since October 2022, Camberger Strasse has now already been closed to motor vehicle traffic as preparations were made for the rehabilitation of two bridges in the road section. However, pedestrians and cyclists were still able to pass through the area until now. This is now over. Because with the start of the actual construction work, the road will be completely closed. "We were able to award the construction contracts and will now start repairing the first of the two bridges on schedule in January. We are not only repairing the structure, but also renewing the lighting, railings and drainage. In addition, we rehabilitate the roadway and the connecting areas," explains the head of the implementing Office for Road Construction and Development (ASE), Michaela C. Kraft.

Camberger Straße is a combined road and bridge structure with great traffic significance: located to the west of Frankfurt's main train station, it connects the Gutleutviertel district with the Gallus district via the track apron. ASE had already repaired three of the five bridges in recent years. Now the fundamental repair of structure number 4 is pending. Work on bridge number 4 is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023. Immediately afterwards, it is planned to renew the remaining bridge number 5. Completion of the last bridge is targeted by the end of 2024.

Impact on traffic

Due to the work, Camberger Strasse will be closed between Gutleutstrasse and Mainzer Landstrasse from Monday, 16. January, until the end of 2024 additionally fully closed for cyclists and pedestrians.

cyclists and pedestrians will be diverted via Gutleutstraße, Hafentunnel and Mainzer Landstraße.

Bus line 87 is canceled

Users of bus route 87 are asked to switch to good connections via the main station. Bus line 87, which connects the mail center in the Gutleutviertel with the Galluswarte every 30 minutes via the Camberger Bridge, can no longer operate due to the construction work. It has already ceased operation in October 2022 until the end of the renovation work.

The municipal public transport company traffiQ asks passengers on line 87 to switch to connections via the main station during the closure. From Gutleutviertel, it can be reached every five to 30 minutes by bus line 37. Between the main station and Galluswarte, the S-Bahn lines S3, S4, S5 and S6 are available every five to ten minutes and the streetcar lines 11, 14 and 21 every three to ten minutes.

The accessibility of the properties of Deutsche Bahn remains as before.

Further up-to-date traffic information can be found on the Internet at https://mainziel.en/

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