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SUPERNOVA - Sarah Lombardi 2020 as a guest at HOLIDAY ON ICE in Frankfurt

28.08.2019 | 20:55 Clock | Culture
SUPERNOVA - Sarah Lombardi 2020 as a guest at HOLIDAY ON ICE in Frankfurt

HOLIDAY ON ICE returns after the big anniversary show with a brand new program: in January 2020 SUPERNOVA takes visitors on a journey to the stars from 07 to 13 January. The performance on 11 January at 8 pm holds a very special highlight for visitors. Because then Sarah Lombardi will flit as a guest star on the runners over the ice in the festival hall.

Until it is so far, it is for the winner of "Dancing on Ice" again: rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Under the guidance of creative director and Olympic champion Robin Cousins, she will work on her show performances together with a skating partner - who will be announced soon. She has already completed the first photo shoot for HOLIDAY ON ICE on blades with great professionalism and passion.

Sarah Lombardi is enormously looking forward to her appearance at HOLIDAY ON ICE: "I'm incredibly excited to be performing at SUPERNOVA. I've already started training on the ice and I definitely want to develop further before my performance. I'm definitely going to do my best to be in the cast of the best professional skaters, and I'm looking forward to showing off my skills in front of an audience. The set we shot in today gave me my first taste of what a great show it would be. I could really picture myself floating across the ice and going on an adventure to the stars with the cast."

Sarah Lombardi at SUPERNOVA

Preparations for the new show are in full swing. Not only the star runners, acrobats and aerialists are already vigorously rehearsing. Behind the scenes they are also working at full speed to take the audience from earth to the stars in a spectacular way. The energetic show experience will immerse the audience in magical places of the galaxy and celebrate a roaring finale in a sea of northern lights. It's guaranteed to be another real treat.

Countdown for pair skating rehearsals with future show partner

Currently, the final selection of Sarah's future show partner is still underway. "With the pair skating rehearsals begins for me the mega-exciting time until the first show appearance, because then it will be really serious. I already notice during individual training that I'm just really in my element - on the ice I'm really close to myself and come to rest. Together with my skating partner, I will then train intensively until the end of November and am already looking forward to our first show," says the 26-year-old. Sarah's partner in the shows will be officially announced in September.

Talent, ambition and stamina, the all-round talent has already proven in numerous TV shows such as "Let's Dance" and "Dancing on Ice". Starting in November, she will show that she can also captivate her audience live on the world's biggest ice show stage: Sarah Lombardi will be performing two performances on selected dates of the two parallel touring shows and in the grand finale with the entire cast in several German cities at HOLIDAY ON ICE.

Tickets and info on the show can be found at:

Showtimes for SUPERNOVA in Frankfurt - Festhalle

07.01.2020 Tue 19:00*

08.01.2020 Wed 15:00 19:00

09.01.2020 Thu 15:00 19:00

10.01.2020 Fri 15:00 19:00

11.01.2020 Sat 13:00 16:30 20:00**

12.01.2020 Sun 13:00 16:30

13.01.2020 Mon 16:30

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