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#SupportYourLocal - For the preservation of the cultural landscape in Frankfurt

10.04.2020 | 11:23 Clock | Culture
#SupportYourLocal - For the preservation of the cultural landscape in Frankfurt

It is not only companies, gastronomy and retail that are affected by the Corona crisis. The entire cultural landscape of the city is also currently being put to the test. Theatres, music venues, cinemas, publishers, museums, galleries - they are all suffering from the loss of any revenue. In order for us to still have such a large and diverse cultural landscape after the end of the crisis, which is what distinguishes Frankfurt, the city's cultural workers need help.

One way to help would be to not have purchased tickets for cancelled events refunded, if that's possible for you. But there are other ways, too, a few of which we'd like to share with you here:


.The Jazzkeller

A real institution - not only in Frankfurt, but in all of Germany. This is where the world stars of jazz have been meeting since 1952. But its long and impressive history does not make the jazz club immune to the effects of such a crisis. You can support this Frankfurt legend via the crowdfunding portal

Feinstaub & Tiefengrund

The Feinstaub and the Tiefengrund - two special scene bars that are an important part of Frankfurt's sub-culture - for concerts, parties or just a nice pub night. As both places are existentially affected by the crisis, now a GofundMe campaign has been launched to save them from permanent closure



Frankfurt cinemas - like all cinemas in the country - are also threatened by the crisis. But cinema as a special place for film simply cannot be allowed to die. And the already very thin cinema landscape of our city should definitely remain in its current form.

You can help, for example, by online action Here you only have to select your favorite cinema on a map. Then you get typical cinema commercials shown. For every spot you watch, the cinema you have chosen gets money. Here it is really true: Watching commercials is worth it!

Watching movies can also help - as long as you watch them via the portal Cinema on Demand. Cinemas benefit directly from every film watched through this platform. And for every five movies you watch, you also get a 5 <x>ampersand</x>euro; cinema voucher for your favourite cinema. So, if you have a choice between "Cinema on Demand" and other platforms, you should choose this one to support the cinemas:

But what also helps is buying cinema vouchers! Because that helps the cinemas directly.

The Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt - the Cinema and the Harmonie in Sachsenhausen - like to send vouchers, which are valid in both cinemas for 3 years. Just send an email with the desired amount and delivery address to and you will get a message with the necessary bank details in reply. As a little thank you, you'll get a free popcorn on your next visit to the cinema.

The Orfeo's Heirs has come up with a special voucher promotion for the cinema AND the restaurant. You can find all the info HERE on Facebook

The Mal Sehn Kino has posted on its Facebook page links to movies that can be watched on demand, supporting small movie theaters like Mal Sehn in particular. It is also possible to buy vouchers by email. There's all the info on the Facebook page for that, too.



All theaters, but especially the small houses that get little or no subsidy, are struggling hard with the crisis. Rents have to be paid as well as actors and other staff. On top of that, cancelled performances have to be reimbursed, but the money has often already been spent on day-to-day operations.

Not an easy situation, but one that the Theater Alte Brücke in Sachsenhausen has faced up to with a great deal of commitment and ingenuity. Via live stream, viewers have had two weeks of theatre culture delivered directly to their homes. The videos can still be viewed on Facebook. This should be supported. Donations for the theatre can be made at:

Frankfurt students Milena Schoo and Clara Geadah have launched an online campaign to support the beautiful Papageno Theater. You should definitely follow this call!

The just newly opened Volksbühne offers the #seidabei solidarity ticket, which can be booked online HERE. This is a ticket to a fictional performance that will never happen, but directly supports the theatre and its future productions. In addition, vouchers can be purchased which can then be redeemed at any time for a performance of your choice. The vouchers can be purchased HERE.

A fundraiser has also been created for the beautiful Stalburg Theater. You can support the theater HERE.

The cult theatre Die Schmiere is also offering the chance to buy a #seidabei Soli ticket for the "Die Schmiere Solidaritäts-Geistershow" (never takes place) to support the theatre. These can be purchased HERE.


The Gallery Bridge54 is offering a nice donation opportunity to friends and supporters: For every donation, there is a voucher "for after" that is worth 10% more than the donation and can be redeemed for the purchase of an artwork after the reopening. You can find this fundraiser HERE


.Musicians* need support

What commonly likes to be suppressed is now being forcefully brought into the light by the Corona shutdown of public life: many musicians* and other freelancers love their work, but they do it under precarious conditions. They often work without contracts, don't get paid when they're sick, and can barely save up reserves. And although almost all of them work in several fields of activity, thus broadening their livelihoods, this does not bring them any more security in today's crisis. That's because all sectors are affected by the shutdown. That becomes clear in the analysis of our survey, in which 17 female musicians report on their current situation.

All concerts up to and including April or May have been cancelled, and none of the creatives is entitled to a cancellation fee. In addition to live music, many work as freelance music teachers and workshop instructors, privately and/or at music schools. Music lessons are sometimes continued via Skype or Whatsapp, but not all students can or want to accept the substitute offer. Singing or percussion lessons are also difficult to realise when the teacher and the student are physically separated. All group offers - whether choir, workshop or big band, whether they take place regularly once a week or for a whole week as a holiday course - are cancelled and can hardly be replaced by online offers. All other educational offers in schools or youth facilities can also not take place because of the closures.

The financial losses are on average 2000-3000.-&euro; per month. Meanwhile, not only do private rent and groceries continue to have to be paid, most also have to pay rent for rehearsal and classroom space. Often the reserves are only enough for 1-2 months. Some are already up to their necks because they have invested the winter months in CD and video productions, studio stays and other project preparations and the urgently needed income is now gone. Because now is the beginning of the peak season for musicians!

Something urgently needs to change about these precarious working conditions. The online music journal MELODIVA, published by the Frauen Musik Büro Frankfurt, joins the demands of the German Jazz Union: Freelance musicians* and music teachers* have a right to adequate remuneration, which also allows for social security and retirement provisions. So that fair fees can be paid, the promotion of the venues must be expanded by the federal government, states and municipalities. Precarious working conditions in teaching should be reduced and federal states and municipalities should create more permanent jobs in the field of music education instead of abolishing them at the expense of teachers.

But music users* should also make the music they love cost something again. Right now, musicians need our solidarity: buy their CDs, t-shirts and tickets. Use portals like Bandcamp or buy from the musicians themselves. Watch online concerts on Quarantine TV, from-my-living-room, #culture-savers, the flat curve, Keep Listening et al, and pay admission for it. Support your music club with ticket purchases and become a member of a booster club. So that you can still experience your favorite bands on stage after the crisis.

Read also the newest report on MELODIVA. There are also tips and links to actions, with which music fans can support their bands and clubs.


You also have a favorite cultural institution that you want to support? Or you run a theater, a cinema, a gallery or a music venue and would like to be listed here? Then just write and email to and join the SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS-FRANKFURT Facebook group. Because through this crisis we can only get #togetherfurther

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