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The Bäppi Almond: Sweet indulgence for a good cause

09.12.2019 | 13:09 Clock | Citywhispers
The Bäppi Almond: Sweet indulgence for a good cause

Truly not only, but especially during the Christmas season, we should pause more often and think of the people who are not as well off as we are. One organization that cares for such people is the non-profit association "Streetangel e.V.". With donations in kind, practical and financial support, the association wants to help people with little or no income, especially the homeless, as best it can. For it it needs naturally support, both in the form of clothing, donations in kind or money. But also to help the association with the daily work or to draw attention to him and his work are important ways in which the "Streetangel e.V." can be supported.

Thomas Bäppler-Wolf alias Bäppi la Belle, recently appointed honorary member of the association, and "Mandel-Queen" Monika Eiserloh have come up with a nice action to contribute a small part to the fact that the "Streetangel e.V." can continue to do its important work: Monika Eiserloh, who is known for unique almond creations, has created the "BÄPPI LA BELLE Rosaproseccohimbeermandel" especially for Bäppi. And it will be sold exclusively only on 14.12.2019 at the almond house of Monika Eiserloh at the Christmas market directly at the entrance to the old town.

Bäppi himself will be on site at 12.00 / 15.00 / 18.00 clock with many helpers and help vigorously with the sale. That he gets a lot to do is really to be hoped, because Monika Eiserloh donates 1.- &euro from each sold bag of Bäppimandeln; to the Streetangels. So, be sure to come to the Almond House on Saturday! Because rarely has doing good tasted so delicious!

For more info about the club, visit:

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