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The place is the star - Ardi Goldman opens "Fortuna Somewhere"

01.04.2022 | 08:02 Clock | Nightlife
The place is the star - Ardi Goldman opens 'Fortuna Somewhere'
The place is the star - Ardi Goldman opens 'Fortuna Somewhere'
The place is the star - Ardi Goldman opens 'Fortuna Somewhere'

Update from 01.04.2022: Two years ago, the "Fortuna Irgendwo" should actually be ceremoniously opened. We had already visited the new club in February 2020 - shortly before the scheduled opening. But then Corona came along and "Frankfurt's new sanatorium for the nervous and mentally ill" had to remain closed for the time being. But now the time has come: after a soft opening and a first event, the official opening will finally be celebrated on Friday, 01 April 2022. After that, Fortuna, the goddess of luck, will pour out her cornucopia of endless summertime fun on guests every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. What awaits you at this special place, you read in the original post from 2020:

With the legendary King Kamehameha Club, Ardi Goldman was once the "King of Frankfurt Night". In recent years, he had withdrawn completely from the club life of the city and concentrated on his hotels. But now Goldman not only wants to return to Frankfurt's nightlife, he also wants to revolutionize it right away. At the press launch of his latest project on the premises of the 1908-built Kesselhaus, which housed Kingka from 1999 to 2013, Goldman made it clear right away, "I'm still doing a club at 56, because most clubs in the city don't tell a story. And I'm a storyteller." And so the "Fortuna Somewhere" is also not to be a club in the classic sense, but a "sanatorium for the emotionally and mentally ill", who can fight melancholy with joie de vivre here.

There is still a lot of tinkering going on at the Union site on Hanauer Landstrasse, in order to complete final details such as the entrance area. Nevertheless we could make ourselves already a very good impression of it, which will be offered to the guests here in few weeks. Goldman has a very clear vision: When it's gray and cold in Frankfurt, you can hop on a plane and just a few hours later you'll be in warmer climes where you can relax and unwind. The "Fortuna Somewhere" is to offer its visitors exactly this vacation feeling - only evenly directly in the city.

For this Feeling among other things the jungle garden with the Tiki bar is to provide, which with Mediterranean flair, an atmospherically illuminated pool, numerous plants, a pretty arranged grotto and an attractive mechanism for an inviting South Sea atmosphere provides - and at each season. While it is nice and cozy in the winter, the roof of this area can be completely opened in the summer, which will provide a refreshing summer breeze.

Goldman's artistic director Michael Dreher is responsible for this implementation. Together with architect Ivo Nikolov, he has given the "Fortuna Somewhere" a truly relaxing flair. Whether with the illuminated octopus bar or the Riva Lounge, which is modeled after an elegant Italian motorboat from the 1950s, here you really feel like you're on vacation. Even on the dance floor, it's clear that the "Fortuna Somewhere" is meant to be a colorful place. This is ensured by a very special feature of this location: the light art wall. This was created by the Cologne light artist JoJo Tillmann. Since he is also the only one who can operate it, Tillmann has moved to Frankfurt for at least a year to pass on his knowledge to future visual artists. Matching images will be played to the music with the help of 2,500 diamond-capped lamps over a structural canvas made of different materials.

The idea is to offer "music you can touch." However, there will not be a new live club band. Goldman has decided against it, because he does not want to offer his visitors a cover band. Otherwise, versatility is the order of the day. Like every little detail in "Fortuna Somewhere," the music is to be unconventional and surprising. This is to be ensured by "intellectual DJs". Meant by this are DJs who do not think in pigeonholes, but combine the most diverse subjects - and can also harmonize this with the light art wall.

For Ardi Goldman is certain: "We will make no Namedropping and hire expensive star DJs, only to attract with their names the guests. No, here the location is the star." There are many people who can't find a place to dance in Frankfurt, he says. Whether it's because the music doesn't appeal to them or because they simply want to go out partying at 10 p.m. rather than 3 a.m. And it is precisely these people that Goldman sees as his target audience. On (currently) three days of the week, he wants to lure people to his "sanatorium" with French-Mediterranean sounds from the vinyl, live concerts, a bar and DJ night or a free style evening. A bold undertaking, but one that could well pay off due to the special concept of this location.

With the "Fortuna Somewhere", Ardi Goldmann has created a place of longing that deliberately breaks with conventions. A place that is just as suitable for a convivial chat as it is for dancing, drinking, celebrating and flirting. A place where art, concerts, parties and performances come together, offering the city a new form of evening entertainment. In purely atmospheric terms, this has definitely been a success. Whether the "Fortuna Somewhere" will offer many Frankfurt residents similarly unforgettable memories, as once the King Kamehameha Club, that will now finally show.

Address: Fortuna Somewhere, Hanauer Landstraße 192, 60314 Frankfurt

Opening Hours: Thursday: 20:00 - 02:00, Friday: 21:00 - 04:00, Saturday: 21:00 - 04:00

More info at:

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