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The Rheingau invites to wine tasting at home with #WineTalk @Rheingau

30.09.2020 | 14:47 Clock | Culinary
The Rheingau invites to wine tasting at home with #WineTalk @Rheingau

On October 15, for the sixth time, it's Let´s talk about ... RHEINGAU. Once again, wine queen Valerie Gorgus welcomes Rheingau vintners to the #WineTalk @Rheingau, which, after the summer break, can now again be followed monthly, each time with changing guests. During this digital after-work event, the viewers will not only learn interesting facts about wines and vintners from the region, but they can also enjoy a wine tasting live from home and exchange information with the guests. This time, it will be Johannes Eser and Michael Bott.

The two vintners Johannes Eser from the middle Rheingau and Michael Bott from the upper Rheingau love to let the region and the soil on which their vines grow resound in the wine. For the WineTalk, the two Rheingau winemakers will each present three of their terroir wines, which allow you to taste the complex interplay between soil, climatic conditions and the hand of the winemaker. Although the Rheingau is one of the smallest growing regions in Germany, especially between the upper and middle Rheingau, the topography of the soil, but also the microclimate are very different conditions for a wine.

As a presenter, Valerie Gorgus with her charming and witty manner provides an entertaining evening program. Not only are the wines presented and tasted together, but also current wine topics are discussed, personal anecdotes are told and questions of the chat participants are answered.

You want to be there and enjoy the presented wines? No problem, because viewers can order their wine package in advance and actively participate in the wine tasting. Via a chat function, all questions will be asked directly to the moderator and answered immediately by the experts. The packages for the #WineTalk @Rheingau can be ordered via the following shop at the #weingenuss price:

If ordered in time, packages will also be gladly mailed. The packages can be picked up at the Rheingauer Weinwerbung GmbH office.

"My two guests come from different corners of the Rheingau with the same claim to reflect the terroir in the wine. I am curious about the differences and similarities and I am very much looking forward to this WineTalk", Valerie Gorgus is excited.

The VDP vintner Johannes Eser runs the family winery Johannishof in Johannisberg. Viticulture has been laid into his cradle. In old documents dating back to 1685, the craft of winemaking can be traced back in his family.

Michael Bott tends his vineyards in the Hochheim sites. His son David Bott is already in the starting blocks to lead the Bott family winery into the next generation.

Two Rheingau taste corridors, Two thoroughbred winemakers and six terroir-driven wines with multi-faceted styles promise an exciting, enjoyable evening.

All #WineTalk @ Rheingau shows that have aired so far can be viewed at to look up

Wine package for 15.10.2020:

for the price of 62<x>ampersand</x>euro; incl. VAT plus. Shipping costs or alternatively for pickup:

- 2018 Johannishof Charta Riesling Qualitätswein | Weingut Johanneshof (0,75 Liter)

- 2019 Johannisberger Auf der Höll Riesling trocken | VDP.ERSTE LAGE | Weingut Johanneshof (0,75 Liter)

- 1 &times; 2018 Rüdesheim Berg Rottland Riesling GG | VDP.GROSSE LAGE | Weingut Johanneshof (0.75 liters)

- 2019 Kostheimer Riesling QbA Trocken | Weingut Bott (0.75 liters)

- 2018 Kostheimer St. Kiliansberg Riesling Kalkessenz trocken | Weingut Bott (0,75 Liter)

- 2017 Kostheimer Spätburgunder Rotwein QbA Trocken | Weingut Bott (0,75 Liter)

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