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There we jump for joy: The Superfly Trampoline Parks are coming to Frankfurt

20.05.2019 | 14:51 Clock | Sport
There we jump for joy: The Superfly Trampoline Parks are coming to Frankfurt

It's not quite clear when or even where, but one thing is for sure: Superfly Air Sports Holding GmbH's popular trampoline parks are coming to Frankfurt - and twice. The company from Butzbach in Hesse wants to open a branch in the Main metropolis under its own management in the coming months. In addition, the leading provider of trampoline parks is starting a franchise system in Germany and Europe, in the course of which a second location in Frankfurt is also planned. Along with Kassel and Moers, Frankfurt is one of the first three franchise locations that have already been determined. If everything goes according to plan, the opening is expected by the end of the year.

The ambitious plans are the result of the so far very successful eight Trapolinparks of the Superfly Air Sports Holding GmbH, to which also the branch in Wiesbaden belongs. Each park offers with its trampolines not only jumping and action fun, but also an extraordinary atmosphere: The individual wall painting as well as the elaborate sound and light system provide for an unusual sports experience. To ensure that future parks can also be built to the success-tested standard, the new locations require an area of between 2,000 and 5,000 square metres. But space alone is not enough to inspire guests. Alexander Bode, managing director of Superfly Air Sports Franchise GmbH, the company founded specifically to set up the franchise system, is well aware of this. "It helps, of course, if the future franchisee has an affinity for sports. For us, the concept is more than a business model - for us, it's also a way of life. Our trampoline parks are brilliant for endorphin junkies," says Bode.

And now both small and large endorphin junkies in Frankfurt can look forward to a sports and leisure experience in a class of its own. Because at Superfly the name really says it all. Here trampoline sport of a special kind is offered. Visitors can try out meter-high jumps as well as crazy jumping and climbing courses. Beginners as well as experienced jumpers will get their money's worth. It is an ideal place for unforgettable birthday parties or for a fun afternoon with friends and family. "We want to make the sport of trampolining palatable for everyone and establish a lifestyle with our product," says Christian Tropp, CEO of Superfly Air Sports Holding. The company hopes to get a lot closer to realizing this vision by launching as a franchise system.

Founders interested in the Superfly franchise system can find more information about the framework at The Superfly Air Sports Franchise GmbH supports the new location operators in many ways: in addition to the search, planning and development of real estate, franchisees can expect regular training on the operational process, event management and security. In addition, the licensees can access cash register software, accounting, personnel planning and management, marketing and sales, merchandise purchasing, promotions as well as innovations and further development.

As soon as there is more information about the locations in Frankfurt and their opening, we will of course keep you up to date. All further info can be found at:

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