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Vaccination centers in Hesse will cease operations at the end of September 2021

08.06.2021 | 17:08 Clock | Business
Vaccination centers in Hesse will cease operations at the end of September 2021

The 28 vaccination centers in Hesse will remain in operation until a maximum of September 28. After that, it's over. This has now been decided by the Corona Cabinet of the Hessian state government. The counties and independent cities as operators of the vaccination centers were informed about the decision by the Taskforce Vaccination Coordination of the state. The vaccination centres, which are never fully utilised, have recently come in for criticism precisely because of the enormously high costs, despite generally doing a very good job. On the other hand, the vaccination centres still play an important role in the nationwide vaccination campaign. But starting in the fall, vaccinations will only be given in doctors' offices and by company physicians.

Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth explained the decision this way: "The vaccination campaign in Hesse and Germany is currently based on three important pillars. In addition to the vaccination centers and practices, company doctors nationwide now also have the opportunity to administer the protective doses. Back in November 2020, the state government underscored that it is our goal to transfer vaccinations against the Corona virus to standard care as soon as it is possible. This will be the case by the end of the third quarter. The majority of the vaccines are already being administered by general practitioners and company doctors. There, successively more vaccinations will be able to take place. The 28 vaccination centres are and were an anchor of stability in the Hessian vaccination strategy. They were set up in a very short time and have been operated according to the highest standards since the state-wide opening. I was able to visit more than a dozen centres and see for myself the very good work being done there. With yesterday's decision, we are first and foremost giving the municipalities planning security. Nevertheless, vaccination will continue with great commitment until the end of September, and the sleeves will remain rolled up until then, also for the committed forces in the vaccination centres."

For the 28 vaccination centres in Hesse, the state currently receives an average of around 180,000 vaccine doses per week. Further vaccine supplies go via the pharmacy structure to the regular care of the medical profession, and since yesterday also to company doctors. The federal government has announced increasing vaccine supplies for regular care, so there will be a further increasing supply of vaccines in practices.

Vaccination campaign stands on broad foundation in Hesse

Since the start of vaccinations by general practitioners at the beginning of April and the inclusion of specialists and company doctors in the meantime, the vaccination campaign is also on a broader foundation parallel to the vaccination centres. More than 1.1 million vaccinations have been administered in the regular structure by the end of the 21st calendar week (June 6, 2021). "This means that the established structures traditionally responsible for vaccinations have shown how capable they are," notes Health Minister Kai Klose. With this gradual establishment of the second (general practitioners and specialists) and third pillars (company doctors) of the vaccination campaign, vaccination and vaccine deliveries are increasingly shifting there. This development can be understood by the publication of the delivery quantities to vaccination centres and physicians.

"We are in exchange with the Impfallianz Hessen in order to plan the further vaccination by the regular medical structure well - this also against the background of possibly necessary booster vaccinations. On this topic, the states and the federal government are in contact with the Robert Koch Institute and the Permanent Vaccination Commission. The vaccination centres and mobile vaccination teams have done very valuable work, especially in the vaccination of old people's homes and nursing homes. We will ensure that vaccination protection continues to be guaranteed for these particularly sensitive groups," said Health Minister Kai Klose. The Impfallianz Hessen is an association of the Hessian Ministry of Health with the KV Hessen, the Hessian General Practitioners Association, the State Medical Association, State Chamber of Pharmacists and the Hessian Pharmacists Association.

Vaccination series will continue to be completed in the vaccination centers.

The vaccination centers were established by the counties in different properties. Through the 28 vaccination centers in Hesse, nearly two million people [currently more than 1.9 million] will have been vaccinated at least once in a timely manner. Around 486,000 registered persons have not yet been offered an appointment due to the still insufficient amount of vaccine. Vaccination centres are expected to be able to offer them appointments by the end of June. Once those prioritised for vaccination who have registered for vaccination at the vaccination centres up to and including 6 June 2021 have been offered appointments, those registered since yesterday will also be randomly allocated appointments. Anyone who received their first vaccination at a vaccination centre will still be given the opportunity to receive their second vaccination at a vaccination centre. If demand for vaccination appointments at the 28 centres falls by the time they close, LAs will be required to reduce the number of staff employed on site, within contractual limits.

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