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Volkshochschule presents new program and celebrates long educational evening

08.07.2019 | 08:54 Clock | Service
Volkshochschule presents new program and celebrates long educational evening

(ffm) The Frankfurt Volkshochschule (VHS) has published its program for September to January 2020. For the fall and winter, about 2400 new courses and events are on the program: foreign languages, EDP, professional development, health education, literature, music, theater, dancing, photography, visual arts and much more.

At the beginning of the cultural half-year, there is a big celebration, the "Long Night of the Adult Education Centres".The educational evening is part of an initiative of the German Adult Education Association (DVV), which has called for a "Long Night of the Adult Education Centres" nationwide. The joint action is to set a sign for openness, diversity and cohesion. The VHS invites to its long educational evening on Friday, September 20, in the VHS headquarters at Sonnemannstraße 13 in Ostend. From 18 to 23 o'clock can be made music, read and designed together in more than 20 free Mitmachangeboten, and films can be watched. You can also relax, dance, listen and paint together. A panel discussion on the topic of social cohesion is planned. Sylvia Weber, head of the department of integration and education, will discuss educational and socio-political issues. The evening is also an invitation to share Frankfurter Gebabbele, to tweet, laugh, eat and drink.

The Frankfurt Public Library accompanies the event and invites to "Shared Reading". Shared Reading means shared reading and is a new way of reading and exchanging ideas with people about and with literature. The reading event, which originated in England, has scientifically proven effects on personal well-being and life satisfaction with regular participation. The Tourismus und Congress GmbH participates with themed tours for the "Long Night", for example a walk through the Ostend or to "Frankfurt Stranger Things".

The strengthening and a citizen-oriented design of Europe is a core concern of the Adult Education Centres. Especially in educational work, the questions arise: how do we deal with our future, how do we shape it together? What can we as an institution contribute to social cohesion? On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of adult education centres in Germany, the Frankfurt VHS is focusing on the topic of Europe in its autumn/winter programme. Eleven events are planned for this purpose, such as "Democracy in Europe", "The Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank", "Europe in Cultural Comparison", the presentation of various Frankfurt cultural associations or an exhibition on the future of Europe.

Cudownie, fortreffelig, tökéletes. Languages open doors. Even Goethe already knew, "He who does not know foreign languages, knows nothing of his own." Not only European, but a total of 30 languages can be learned at the Frankfurt VHS and get to know different cultures across the globe. In the current issue, the language department presents its extensive range of foreign languages and various learning opportunities. An information evening with lecture, discussions and free Workshop offers takes place on Friday, 15 November. The title is "Madame le Président. How do you gender in European languages?"

New offerings are specially marked in the program, including, for example, a course on 100 years of Bauhaus, a Latin weekend reading Seneca, video production with the IPad, an anti-lamp fever training, English for the hard of hearing, a fascia workshop or a painting course on the theme "Thunder, Weather, Sky Blue".

The program also includes again a wide range of educational holidays. To allow interested parties to plan for the longer term, educational vacations are scheduled on an ongoing basis by the VHS and posted on the VHS website. These one-week events cover the topics of society, culture, health, languages and career. Classics such as non-violent communication at work, in private life and in society, leadership seminars, rhetoric courses or the magic of communication are still on the programme. Those who want to deal with the topic of man-machine and interact with a robot can do so with the new educational vacation "Robot Programming with Python", which the VHS offers in cooperation with the public library. NAO 6 is a humanoid robot from the company SoftBanks Robotics and can be freely programmed with Python.

The program is complemented by target group-specific offers such as "Active in old age", the Highly Gifted Center (HBZ) and the young VHS. The young VHS program has 50 courses on the schedule, many of which take place during the fall holidays. Children and young people can brush up on their English, sew or play theatre. The repertoire has long included etiquette, hip-hop and break-dance courses. The centre for the highly gifted promotes particularly gifted children and young people with 120 offers designed to meet their special thirst for knowledge. Here, volcanoes and geysers are investigated, soap bubbles and the law of minimal surfaces are studied, children travel to the interior of the earth or ask themselves whether Ötzi is a European like you and me. 190 courses are available for the target group "Active in old age". English, French, Italian and Spanish can be learned here, and there are courses in spinal gymnastics or fall prevention. Further possibilities of active life organization can be realized in courses to the security at the computer, with the memory training, painting, theatre, with making music and with many further offers.

In the Studium Generale in cycles of in each case four course half-years the historical epochs are regarded from the Middle Ages up to the present. The epoch between industrialization and the Second World War is on the program next fall with four evenings. Impressionism and Expressionism in art, Bourgeois Realism in literature and Romanticism in music will be the subject of six further evenings. Ten events on current social issues and fundamental questions in the natural sciences, as well as three excursions, make up the second half of the Studium Generale. Digitalization and artificial intelligence provide much material for discussions about the future of our society. On two further evenings, the musical work of Pink Floyd and Icelandic literature will be used to illustrate how creative artists have reacted to developments in society in recent decades. The new season of Studium Generale begins on September 24.

70 lecture and information evenings on all aspects of everyday life and work will provide information on trends and innovations in a compact form. These include computers and the Internet, health issues, social topics such as communal living and innovative housing concepts, or the explosive topic of waste and what options there are for living plastic-free(er). Other topics come from the cultural field, psychology and history.

Course bookings can be made via the VHS website, by phone at 069/212-71501 or by email at The printed and free program booklet is available in the VHS houses: VHS Head Office, Sonnemannstr. 13, VHS Centre West (BiKuZ), Michael-Stumpf-Str. 2, VHS Teaching Centre, Leipziger Str. 67, VHS in the Multigenerational House, Idsteiner Str. 91 as well as in the VHS Centre North (Northwest Centre), Tituscorso 7. It is also available in many bookshops, district libraries, central library, citizens' offices and museums.

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