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Water park campaign on the move through the city of Frankfurt

09.04.2024 | 15:11 Clock | Citywhispers
Water park campaign on the move through the city of Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt am Main's water park campaign is entering its third round. In addition to posters and postcards, the campaign motif can also be seen on streetcars this year.

Perhaps the first people have already spotted them: since the beginning of April, two streetcars with the motifs of the water park campaign have been running through the city. For the next six months, the streetcars will be running on alternating routes across Frankfurt, reminding people of the importance of careful use of drinking water. With the slogans "Ich dreh ab" and "Ich spar's mir", the campaign, now in its third year, aims to motivate citizens to use this precious resource sparingly.

"Even if the extreme drought in Germany is over for the time being after the wet autumn and winter ­- we must continue to use drinking water carefully," emphasizes Rosemarie Heilig, Head of Climate and Environment. The issue of water scarcity will continue to accompany us in the future, which is why each and every one of us is called upon. "A lot can be achieved with small changes in everyday life. The campaign aims to raise awareness of this," says Heilig.

These small changes include, for example, turning off the water when brushing your teeth or soaping up and using water collected in the kitchen or rainwater for watering. Many people still underestimate how much difference their own everyday behavior can make. The city therefore launched the "Frankfurt saves water!" campaign in 2022 to raise awareness of drinking water as a resource and motivate citizens to save water.

This summer, the campaign's blue and white posters will once again be on display around the city in addition to the motifs on the two streetcars. Postcards with three different slogans will also be displayed again in public places such as district libraries, restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Helpful tips on saving water at home, in the garden and for hygiene as well as interesting facts about drinking water supply are available on the website

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