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World war bomb successfully defused in the Main

15.04.2019 | 14:57 Clock | Citywhispers
World war bomb successfully defused in the Main

The world war bomb found during a practice dive by the Frankfurt fire brigade at the Old Bridge in the Main was successfully defused by the explosive ordnance disposal service at around 11:30 on Sunday afternoon. Since the detonator could not be removed from the bomb, it had to be detonated under water. This resulted in a water fountain more than 30 meters high. Before the actual blasting, several small explosive charges were detonated, for example, to drive away fish and other aquatic animals.

Mayor Peter Feldmann said after the successful blasting: "My thanks to the explosive ordnance disposal service, which was again reliable. My thanks also go to all the city's institutions - all the museums open during the evacuation, Palmengarten and the zoo - who allowed the evacuees free entry. Our police and fire departments also did an outstanding job."

The Lord Mayor had arranged for the Ratskeller to be opened in addition to free admission for residents inside the exclusion zone. There, the German Red Cross fed the citizens. "I have been in contact with the response team throughout and am informed of the professionalism and success of the operation. Our thanks go to the professionalism and volunteerism, as we are fortunately used to in our Frankfurt," said the mayor.

A total of around 350 emergency personnel from the state, city and water police, fire brigade, German Red Cross, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe and DLRG were in action.

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