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Frankfurter potato salad

Frankfurt without apples.hardly imaginable, especially in the culinary sector. And so, of course, you will find the good apples from the Frankfurt area in a typical Frankfurt potato salad. For a Frankfurt potato salad you need:


- 1kg waxy potatoes

.- 2-3 sweet apples (amount depends on size of apples)

- 1 onion

- 1 pickle

- Salt

- Pepper

- Oil

- Vinegar (apple cider vinegar is best, of course)

- Thyme

- Cumin

- Chives


First boil the potatoes, which you then peel and cut into slices. Now core the apples and then cut them into small cubes, which you then mix with the potato slices. Now mix yourself a delicious marinade from the remaining ingredients, whereby the onion, the cucumber and the chives must be cut up nice and small beforehand. The finished marinade, which you can of course season to your own taste, is then poured over the potatoes and apples and left to infuse well. Serve with Frankfurter sausages and a good glass of apple juice/wine. Bon appetite!