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Fußlappengemies or Weißkraut mit Flöh

Every non-Frankfurter will surely wonder about the strange names like Fußlappengemies or Flöh. Yet the former merely hides the old Frankfurt name for white cabbage, and Flöh is what the Frankfurter affectionately calls the delicious Kreutzkümmel. For foot raggemies with Flöh you need the following ingredients:


- 1 head of foot raggemies (white cabbage)


- 1 onion

- 1 tablespoon of cumin

- 40-50 grams of lard

- 3-4 potatoes

- 0.25 liters clear broth

- 0.25 liters Frankfurter Ebbelwoi

- Pepper

- Salt


Wash your foot rags first (your own first, if necessary, then the white cabbage) and pluck the leaves, according to their Frankfurter name, into rags about the size of your palm (this way of measuring is easier than using the soles of your feet, for hygienic and artistic reasons!). Then remove the firm ribs from each rag and briefly scald the foot rag mixture in hot salt water. Then drain the whole thing briefly. Now take the onion and the potatoes, peel them and cut everything into small cubes. Once this is done, fry the onion and potato cubes in the lard, after some time add the caraway seeds, which you now also briefly anrösten.

Now the white cabbage rags must be placed on top. Then turn the whole thing and then deglaze it with the broth and the cider. Now add salt and pepper to taste and then simmer until the potatoes and vegetables are soft. You can serve the footlob jam with Flöh either with bratwurst or - quite traditionally - with delicious "Rippcher". Bon appetite!