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TheCode Cosmetics - personalized facial care

TheCode Cosmetics - personalized facial care

Category: Beauty & Wellness

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"Lust for life is more important than wealth. What good are diamonds on a withered skin."

This famous quote by Juliette Gréco, the grande dame of chanson, not only represents an attitude towards life, but in a way also reflects the essence of true beauty. It is not defined by what we wear, but by the interplay of a healthy mind and a healthy body - to be beautiful means, in the truest sense of the word, to feel well in one's own skin.

This could be exactly the credo of the new skincare brand TheCode Cosmetics, which is revolutionizing the skincare market with its innovative concept.

The Secret: Customized Skincare Routine

Through a cleanical (clean + clinically-proven) product approach as well as the integration of artificial intelligence, TheCode Cosmetics is solving a major problem for many customers: Over two thirds of all consumers combine - unknowingly - facial care products that can neutralize each other in their effect and/or even cause negative effects. This is due in particular to the huge range of products in the skin care sector, which in turn leads to excessive demands in the purchasing process and repeated incorrect purchases.

And this is precisely where TheCode Cosmetics comes in with an innovative concept: By developing an algorithm that takes the form of an interactive digital quiz, every customer of TheCode Cosmetics receives a skincare kit that

  • isindividually tailored to the customer &
  • in itself so coordinated that the individual products harmonize with each other and can intensify in their

This in itself coordinated and tailored to the customer facial care routine ensures that each*r finds the right product combination for his / her individual skin type - and frustrating bad purchases are a thing of the past.

Sustainable, vegan & highly effective

All TheCode products are vegan, animal-free, contain no questionable ingredients and are "Made in Germany". Regional sourcing, raw materials in organic quality and highly effective ingredients form fundamental value pillars of the brand.<x><BR</x> <x><BR</x> If you would like to learn more about TheCode Cosmetics , please listen to the podcast "Crack TheCode - Your Beauty Podcast" to the heart. There, the founders of the company, Katharina and Laura, tell entertaining and informative about their experiences, give tips and provide you with info on new trends.
You can access the podcast via the following link:

By integrating smart science and artificial intelligence, all TheCode Cosmetics customers finally have the key to radiantly beautiful skin. True to the motto: Crack TheCode to perfect skin.


TheCode Cosmetics GmbH

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