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The best photo hotspots in Frankfurt

Get a picture of the city

Especially in summer, when the sun shines on the city from a bright blue sky or sets in rich colours in the evening, Frankfurt is perfect for unforgettable photos. Of course, there are several motifs in the city that are often photographed, especially by tourists, but also by locals. The Euro sign in front of the former seat of the European Central Bank, the central train station, the “Goethehaus”, the beautiful fountains of the city or of course the impressive skyline are photographed many thousands of times every day. We will introduce you to a few places from where you can take the best pictures of our beautiful city:

Alte Brücke - Old Bridge

Of course, the “Eiserne Steg”  is the most popular motif among the bridges of Frankfurt. Especially lovers like to photograph themselves next to the numerous “love locks”. And the “Eiserne Steg”  is also very popular with tourists. But the Alte Brücke is actually the better location for skyline motifs. On one side there is a complete view of the skyscrapers, on the other side there is the also very photogenic East with European Central Bank and the big Main Plaza. And the so-called  "Brickegickel" and a statue of Karl the Great can also be found here!


Frankfurt's local mountain is a very popular excursion destination. No wonder, as from here you have a really breathtaking view of the city. Especially good photo locations are the Lohrpark and the Lohrberger Hang.  And those who are already here should definitely stop at the Lohrberg-Schänke or visit the MainÄppelHaus with its beautiful bistro and the farm shop. Until 03rd October, the Lohrbergbus always takes you to this beautiful excursion destination on weekends.


Hardly any other place in Frankfurt is photographed so often. Here countless tourist groups are guided through every day, making the Justitia fountain one of the most photographed motifs in the city.  From here it's only a few metres to the newly restored old town, which is guaranteed to become Frankfurt's photo hot spots in the coming months.

Main Tower

If you want to enjoy Frankfurt in its full size, you cannot avoid a visit to the viewing platform of the Main Tower. At lofty heights you can take a look at the whole city with all its facets - from the skyscrapers to the numerous green areas. No question about it, this spectacular panoramic view is worth every cent of the entrance fee! Especially in the evening hours a photo top location.

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Roof terrace of the Galeria Kaufhof

In order to capture the motifs Zeil and Skyline, you should stop at Leonhard's DINEA on the upper floor of the Galeria Kaufhof and secure a place for yourself on the outdoor terrace. With a breakfast, a coffee or a sundowner you can capture very nice pictures here. Open Mo - Sa from 09:30 - 21 o'clock.

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