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10 years MainNizza - donation instead of party

11.05.2022 | 10:55 Clock | Citywhispers
10 years MainNizza - donation instead of party

The Main riverbank is one of the absolute favorite places in the city, especially in the summer months, not only among Frankfurt residents. The Nice, the park between Untermainbrücke and Friedensbrücke, is particularly beautiful, with its special planting providing a bit of Mediterranean flair. The restaurant "MainNizza" of the gastronomy greats Ulli Melchior and Hardy Schranz opened at this beautiful spot ten years ago now. Since Melchior left three years ago due to age, Schranz now continues to run the restaurant. "I am very grateful that our guests have remained loyal to us for ten years and that new ones keep coming. To be allowed to be host in the MainNizza fills me every day with joy and pride," says Hardy Schranz.

Ten years! That is actually a reason to celebrate. But on a large anniversary celebration is deliberately renounced. Schranz explains the decision as follows: "After Corona and now during the Ukraine war, I think it's more important to help others, to give something back. The motto is: 'Donation instead of party'. I am happy to be able to hand over a total of 33,997.50 euros to the three charities Frankfurter Tafel, Street Angels and the Kinderhilfestiftung."

Instead of planning an anniversary party, Hardy Schranz asked his suppliers and partners to support his fundraising efforts for the three Frankfurt charities. The amount raised was then tripled by MainNizza. "It is a matter of the heart for me to help those who support others energetically and with great passion," says Hardy Schranz. 26 partners donated, namely A&S Fine Food, Capricano Weinhandel, Veranstaltungstechnik Dressel Group, Fleischwaren Karl Eidmann und Rosenlöcher, Eier Weiss, Food-Großhandel Flach, HS Daniel Werner (Hygiene und Chemie), Getränkevertrieb K+K, Kaffeegroßrösterei A. Joerges, Gorilla, KGS (spirits), monastery Andechs, Kosmidis, wine merchant La Casa del Vino Randon, Main wine, Spielmann and Vinothek Frateli Ragusa, the winery Karl Pfaffmann, Patisserie Walter, Veltins, waste disposal CCSP, laundry Savvas, Hipp Object (roofing), coffee machines Fris, K2 advertising agency and homeowner Albrecht Krebs (CIK).

On Monday, 09 May, Hardy Schranz could then hand over the donations in the MainNizza to representatives of the three associations.

Sabi Uskhi, board Street Angels Frankfurt e.V., was pleased about the urgently needed donation: "Just by the Corona time we noticed the decrease of donations, which is however exactly now, since we drive two-lane - once with the Ukraine assistance and at the same time our need for needy homeless people on the street - clearly increased. Nevertheless, we are all the more motivated to continue our help on the streets with all our heart. Therefore, donations like these are not only necessary, but a great affair of the heart, which is remarkable from restaurateurs like Hardy Schranz and the MainNizza and which shows real charity. Therefore, we thank from the bottom of our hearts."

Prof. Dr. Johannes Schulze, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Kinderhilfestiftung Frankfurt e. V., was also very grateful for the support: "Thank you for the generous donation of MainNizza. In its largest project, the Kinderhilfestiftung e.V. supports the Psychologische Soforthilfe Frankfurt. Here, children and young people with fears and worries are helped quickly and unbureaucratically. The families receive an appointment with an experienced child and youth therapist at the University Hospital Frankfurt am Main within two weeks without any major hurdles. The first steps towards self-help are pointed out and further treatment options are initiated."

Peter Metz, board member of Frankfurter Tafel e.V., added: "We are very happy about the generous donation, which will help us with the fuel costs, which are known to have risen extremely. We are going through a difficult time. First came Corona and now the Ukraine war. In parallel, food donations are decreasing. Since we are financed only by donations, we are urgently dependent on supporters. Because we want to continue to help as many needy people in the Frankfurt area as possible."

"It's time to stand together. I am happy to be able to give something back to the Frankfurt community today with many good partners," said Hardy Schranz.

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