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20 election proposals for the OB direct election in Frankfurt am Main on March 5, 2023

06.01.2023 | 16:56 Clock | Citywhispers
20 election proposals for the OB direct election in Frankfurt am Main on March 5, 2023

In a few weeks, a new mayor will be elected in Frankfurt. In the process, the Frankfurt voters have the agony of choice, because a total of 20 election proposals were approved. A total of 21 election proposals were submitted, on which the municipal election committee decided in its meeting on Friday, January 6, under the chairmanship of the deputy municipal election officer Stefan Köster. The deadline for submission ended on Boxing Day, December 26, 2022, at 6 p.m.

Twenty of these election proposals were admitted, exceeding the previous highest figure of the 2018 OB election with twelve admitted election proposals by eight election proposals. Never before have there been so many election proposals in Frankfurt am Main since the first direct election of the Lord Mayor in 1995, which will be reflected on the ballot on Sunday, March 5.

Twelve election proposals are carried by parties and voter groups. Eight election proposals are so-called individual candidates. A total of four women (-1 compared to 2018) and 16 men (+9 compared to 2018) face the vote of the voters.

In addition, at the meeting of the election committee for the admission of the election proposals, the order of the election proposals was also established and determined in accordance with the requirements of the Hessian Local Election Act. First, the election proposals of the parties or voter groups represented in the municipal council were listed according to the number of votes they received in the last election to the municipal council. Then followed the other election proposals, whose order - as provided by law - was determined by drawing lots.

To the election stand:

1 Dr. Manuela Rottmann, BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN

2 Uwe Becker, CDU

3 Mike Josef, SPD

4 Dr. Daniela Mehler-Würzbach, DIE LINKE

5 Yanki Pürsün, FDP

6 Andreas Lobenstein, AfD

7 Mathias Pfeiffer, Bürger Für Frankfurt BFF

8 Katharina Tanczos, Die PARTEI

9 Tilo Schwichtenberg, Garden Party Frankfurt am Main

10 Peter Wirth, Peter (stage name: Bahnbabo)


12 Niklas Pauli

13 Sven Junghans

14 Feng Xu

15 Maja Wolff

16 Khurrem Akhtar, Team Todenhöfer - The Justice Party

17 Frank Großenbach, dieBasis

18 Peter Pawelski

19 Karl-Maria Schulte

20 Markus Eulig

More info on the OB election will follow soon here in our news!

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