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20 Jahre SCHILLER - "Morgenstund" in Frankfurt

28.03.2019 | 10:57 Clock | Culture
20 Jahre SCHILLER - 'Morgenstund' in Frankfurt

Christopher von Deylen, better known as SCHILLER, is without question Germany's most successful electronic pop artist. For 20 years now, the artist has been transporting his audience into very special worlds of sound, often enlisting the support of well-known colleagues. So also on his latest album "Morgenstund", which was released on 22. March. For the new tracks, von Deylen collaborated with musicians as diverse as Nena, Genesis legend Mike Rutherford, soul singer Rebecca Ferguson and Pink Floyd live drummer Gary Wallis. The result is a fascinating sound experience in which electronic sounds blend with various musical influences - from pop to world music - to create an atmospheric whole.

In the charming Bristol Bar in Frankfurt's Bahnhofsviertel, the sound visionary presented his album and the upcoming "Es werde Licht" tour, which will take him to large arenas for his anniversary. Of course, he also talked about the various collaborations: "Every collaboration with another artist is an outstanding experience," says the likeable northern light. But there is one musician who has left a special impression on him: three-time Oscar winner Giorgio Moroder, with whom SCHILLER recorded the track "Lichtjahre". What particularly fascinated von Deylen about him was that Moroder, despite his enormous successes, does not look back but forward, and even at the age of 78 is still trying new things. This year, for example, he will embark on a live tour for the first time.

SchILLER will also be on the road live in 15 cities in 2019. And anyone who has ever been to a SCHILLER concert knows that no standard awaits him here. This is to be achieved on the new tour also by the fact that in addition to a brilliant light show, the performed pieces will sound in the award-winning surround sound through the hall, creating an audiovisual experience that takes visitors on a journey into a fascinating dream world of sounds, colors and images. The fact that his audience is not dancing wildly, but rather sitting quietly and letting themselves be intoxicated by the sound, does not bother the musician. Even in this atmosphere he feels the enthusiasm of his fans - and for that it is also worthwhile to regularly expose himself to the enormous stage fright that Christopher von Deylen still has before every performance, even after twenty years.

The "Es werde Licht" tour also takes SCHILLER to the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt on 10 May. The Main metropolis finds von Deylen, who used to be a frequent guest here at the music fair, very fascinating. "The city is a non-place in the best sense," he says. By that he means the contrast between the old Frankfurt and the modern side of the city. Frankfurt, he says, is a very exciting city that seems very honest. He is very excited about his concert in the Jahrhunderthalle, because it is the only location on his tour that only has partial seating. For this reason alone, the feedback from the Frankfurt fans that he will feel on stage will be something very special. If you want to experience the songs from the new album and the best tracks from the past two decades live,then you should quickly secure tickets HERE!

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