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5th Week of Silence - Frankfurt calms down from September 12 to 19

13.09.2016 | 16:26 Clock | Culture
5th Week of Silence - Frankfurt calms down from September 12 to 19

(pia) From September 12 to 19, the 5th "Week of Silence" will take place in Frankfurt. It wants to give ideas and impulses how to create islands of silence or where to find them in a big city. The week is organized by the Evangelical Regional Association Frankfurt am Main and the city's health department.

"Life in Frankfurt, with its many offers and opportunities, is fast, exciting and thrilling. There is always something going on in the big city. To ensure that the hustle and bustle of everyday life, noise, increasing acceleration and the associated stress factors do not have a negative impact on health, it is important to create a balance. Not only in the GrünGürtel does our city offer many niches and opportunities for relaxation as active health care," emphasized Stefan Majer at the presentation of the program.

"We have a very fast-paced year in 2016 with overturning events and political upheavals, the effects of which we also feel here in Frankfurt and which unsettle us and cause acceleration. Especially in such a time, silence and interruption can themselves be powerful actions. Looking at things and reflecting instead of acting and reacting requires practice - the Week of Silence offers a good opportunity to do this," says Jürgen Mattis.

Barbara Hedtmann from the Protestant Regional Association and Matthias Roos from the Health Department have been organising the "Week of Silence" together since 2012. They know that with all the hustle and bustle, many people in the Rhine-Main region long for peace, quiet and deceleration. "People are looking for a way to get down and relax. For all those, we offer suggestions and ideas with our program," says Matthias Roos.

During the week, for example, a "silent raft trip" for men on the Nidda, a breathing and walking meditation in Bethmann Park or a candle labyrinth in the Dominican Monastery offer the opportunity to perceive silence.

For example, during a visit to Café Rothschild, a training company for hearing, hearing-impaired and deaf young people, visitors can experience what it is like to hear nothing and communicate creatively with each other using non-verbal language.
"The need for silence and spiritual offerings is increasing, as our visitor numbers show. We now reach circa 1900 people with our events," says Barbara Hedtmann.

There are 33 events taking place this year. The full program is available at: <link http: _blank>

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