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A must-see for cineastes: The exhibition on Stanley Kubrick's "2001" at the Film Museum

22.03.2018 | 09:23 Clock | Culture
A must-see for cineastes: The exhibition on Stanley Kubrick's '2001' at the Film Museum
A must-see for cineastes: The exhibition on Stanley Kubrick's '2001' at the Film Museum
A must-see for cineastes: The exhibition on Stanley Kubrick's '2001' at the Film Museum

Fifty years have passed since a film had a lasting influence not only on the science fiction genre, but on cinema in general. Although the masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" was not particularly successful at first and failed especially with the critics. But over time, Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of a short story by Arthur C. Clarke has secured a firm place in film history. And this is being celebrated in time for the anniversary with a major exhibition and extensive accompanying programme at the Deutsches Filmmuseum until, September 23.

The great exhibition architecture takes the visitor not only aboard the Discovery One, but also into the depths of space. Here one can find countless exhibits, from costumes to props, models, notes, drawings, photos, production notes and much more. In this way, the history of the film's creation, as well as its impact and lasting significance, can be very well understood. Jan Harlan, who was an executive producer on many of Kubrick's films, said at the press conference that he was convinced Kubrick would have been very moved by witnessing the attention to detail and the extent to which tribute is paid to his work here.

Back in 2004, the Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt staged a major exhibition of Kubrick's complete works, which has since been seen by well over 2 million visitors at 17 venues worldwide and will continue to tour the globe in the years to come. "2001 - A Space Odyssey" was admittedly only a small part of this overall exhibition. This has now been taken out, expanded with vast amounts of new material and redesigned. One thing can be guaranteed: Even the biggest fans of the film will discover a lot of new things here. For instance, sketches for a sequence that was cut from the finished film can be seen.

When asked if such cut footage will ever be seen, Harlan and Kubrick's daughter answered unequivocally, "No." When Kubrick has parted with scenes, it has always been for a good reason and he would not have wanted the audience to see them. In the case of "2001," the cut footage would have been unusable anyway, Harlan said. "Eyes Wide Shut," on the other hand, could theoretically be supplemented with masses of material. "But that's guaranteed not to happen," Harlan continued.

The exhibition, which for the first time includes the entire house, is a successful tribute to a film of enormous importance to film history. Very detailed and extensive, so fans of the film should definitely make sure they have enough time to visit the exhibition. There will also be a great accompanying programme of films, talks and more, culminating in a special event at the Alte Oper on 22 September: Here the film will be performed live accompanied by a large orchestra and choir. A quite magnificent experience, according to Katharina Kubrick, of which her father would have been thrilled.

<link https: veranstaltungen s event kubricks-2001-50-jahre-a-space-odyssey.html _blank>KUBRICKS 2001 - 50 YEARS A SPACE ODYSSEY can be seen at the Deutsches Filmmuseum until September 23.

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