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A visit to the new DERAG Livinghotel in Sachsenhausen

10.01.2017 | 14:05 Clock | Business
A visit to the new DERAG Livinghotel in Sachsenhausen

A few weeks ago, a new hotel opened in the beautiful district of Sachsenhausen: The DERAG Livinghotel! The second DERAG house after the Livinghotel Appartements Johann Wolfgang in the Grosse Hasenpfad, with its 50 hotel rooms and 54 service apartments is not only aimed at tourists, but primarily at those guests who are staying in Frankfurt for a short or even longer period of time on business. All those who check in here, whether for just one night or for several months, should be offered a home for the duration of their stay, where they feel comfortable, where they can work in a relaxed manner or where they can simply switch off.

We had the pleasure of being able to form our own impression of the atmosphere in the house. As soon as you enter the foyer, you sense as a visitor that a somewhat different concept is being pursued here. There is no usual reception area. One practically enters directly into the "living room" where one is welcomed by the attentive staff. Checking in is possible very comfortably with the help of the staff at terminals. By elevator or via the staircase, one goes to the first floor to the service apartments or to the second floor to the hotel rooms.

But we first stay in the lobby, where the different areas like reception, bar, lounge and working-stations merge to a generous well-being area. This area of about 300 square meters is a real specialty. A wide variety of styles are mixed together here, so that guests can choose whether they want to flop on a comfortable sofa, sit on a bar stool, work at a more classical workstation or make themselves comfortable in XXL wing chairs. There are some harsh contrasts here - from functional to cozy to true design classics - and you might think that this would make the area look discordant and unsettled. Yet somehow the whole thing seems extremely coherent and exudes an engaging harmony. Here, guests can read comfortably, work in a relaxed atmosphere, have a drink with colleagues and friends, or enjoy breakfast and small snacks prepared at the open kitchen island. The "feeling at home" concept is already fully successful in this area of the DERAG Livinghotel.

In times of increasing hectic in everyday life and anonymity, it is a pleasant change when the emphasis is placed on familiarity, relaxation and a very individual service. The selection of the team already shows how much this is close to the hearts of those responsible. With very unusual job advertisements, not only experienced professional staff, but also career changers were sought, who must be able to do one thing above all: to be able to respond to the individual characters and thus also the whims and wishes of their guests. Those who like it businesslike and aloof should feel just as welcome here as those guests who like it a little more relaxed and familiar. The fact that the team is an important part of the hotel is also shown by the fact that the shelves in the Living Room contain the favourite books of the employees. All this is likeable and charming, but does not change the extremely professional service that is offered here.

However, the guest should of course not only feel comfortable in the Living Room, but also in the rooms and service apartments. The entire hotel - from the facade to the entrance area to the rooms - is a successful blend of modern functionality and homely cosiness. This is reflected in the rooms by the interplay of the modern, cubist-oriented architecture and the large-format wallpaper pictures showing different sides of old Frankfurt. A very successful mixture in which one really feels comfortable. A special highlight are the rooms that offer a view of the Frankfurt skyline. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a really spectacular view right from your bed in the evening. Who needs television there - even though the 50-inch Samsung flat-screen sets also make evening zipping around a special experience. Once again, the hotel does full justice to its concept, as the TVs are not only for relaxing away from the daily work routine, but can also be connected to the laptop and thus transformed into a truly luxurious workstation. Playing your own favourite movies via the laptop is of course also possible.

In addition to the comfortable beds, in which one really sleeps excellently, and a small seating area, the apartments also have a cooking area, which is equipped with all the necessary accessories such as pots, pans, etc.,. The fridge can be filled by shopping in the supermarket located right next to the hotel. As a special service for a reasonable obolus, an employee of the hotel also takes over the purchase.

What is positively noticeable in the whole hotel is the fact that actually everywhere can be worked. Everywhere there are connections for laptop and Co. These are however so far "hidden" that one does not have the feeling to stay in a pure business hotel and can therefore also switch off.

Even if there are several Livinghotels in Frankfurt, the concept of the DERAG LIvinghotel is nevertheless somehow innovative and special. Especially for guests who are looking for a temporary home and who want to feel well taken care of even in a city that is foreign to them, a real recommendation.


Derag Livinghotel Frankfurt

Mailänder Str. 8

60598 Frankfurt


Info: <link http: hotel-frankfurt _blank>

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