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All we need is Love - Initiative "Frankfurt is colorful" calls for the demo of cohesion - UPDATE

04.03.2020 | 10:58 Clock | Citywhispers
All we need is Love - Initiative 'Frankfurt is colorful' calls for the demo of cohesion - UPDATE

UPDATE: The demo planned for Saturday, 14.03.2020 at 15.00 clock, must unfortunately be cancelled!!!!

There is the following statement regarding this:

The demonstration planned for Saturday "Frankfurt is colorful: All we need is love - no place for hate and violence" was canceled by the circle of initiators. On the occasion of, among other things, the attack in Hanau, around 10,000 people in Frankfurt wanted to take to the streets against racism on Saturday.

Now the demonstration has been cancelled because of the coronavirus. "Health comes first," said one of the organizers. Mayor Feldmann thanked the coalition of "Frankfurt is colorful", Römerbergbündnis, Central Council of Muslims and the Association of Sinti and Roma Hesse for the initiative: "It is important that we in Frankfurt set clear signs against racism and violence. However, I think the decision of the initiators is right to wait now for the further development of the pandemic."

The original message:

For three years, the initiative "Frankfurt is colorful" of the initiators Sia Sanei, Christian Rindermann, Alex Azary and the Zeleke brothers invites to the rally "Love is my religion - music is our language" on 01. September, the German World Peace Day. Every year thousands of people meet at Goetheplatz to dance peacefully and happily together with Frankfurt DJs in the sign of love and tolerance.

With this rally, as well as with the other high-profile actions of "Frankfurt is colorful", the initiators, who are strongly connected to the Frankfurt club and music scene, are always concerned with setting a sign for a respectful and peaceful coexistence of the many people living in our city, regardless of their origin, skin color, religion or sexual orientation.

Of course, the rally will take place again this year on 01 September. But in view of the events of recent weeks and months, which simply make speechless and stunned, the initiators have decided at short notice that Frankfurt must also set here again a clear sign of solidarity!

The following statement was published:

"Racism and chauvinism are social problems, not individual cases!

The current social climate, especially right-wing sentiment, promotes racism. Those responsible in politics and business - but also each and every individual - must finally put the highest priority into combating anti-democratic and inhuman views!

The Society of the Many opposes racism and inhumanity.

Under the motto "All we need is Love" FRANKFURT IST BUNT would like to call and invite all true democrats and citizens of our city with heart, love and tolerance to a demonstration of cohesion and peaceful coexistence.

We will meet on Saturday, 14.03. at 15.00 on Goetheplatz at the Goethe Monument and march across the city to Frankfurt's Paulskirche, THE symbol of democracy in Germany.

Come in large numbers, be loud and show your colors! According to the occasion, we will do without music and dance this time - however, we are and will remain colorful, because: FRANKFURT IS COLORFUL!"

So come to Goetheplatz on March 14 and set a sign for tolerance and peaceful coexistence!

You can also find more info at:

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