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An overview of construction sites in Frankfurt during the 2021 summer holidays

19.07.2021 | 09:38 Clock | Service
An overview of construction sites in Frankfurt during the 2021 summer holidays

During the summer holidays, things are notoriously a little quieter on Frankfurt's roads and rails. A good time, therefore, to carry out important construction work: Giving roads a new top layer, renewing tram tracks or carrying out necessary work on supply lines - the coming holiday weeks are perfect for all such work. An overview of the various construction sites in the various parts of the city and their effects can be found here:

Ostend + Innenstadt

Partial and full closures Hanauer Landstraße between Ratswegkreisel and Allerheiligentor - also bus lines diverted

The most relevant measure in Hanauer Landstraße: at the height of Zobelstraße

Due to track construction work by the Frankfurt Transport Authority (VGF), there will be a delay in Hanauer Landstraße at the height of Zobelstraße from Monday, 19. July, until Sunday, 29. August, to the following closures:

one lane


Single lane inbound and outbound from Monday, 19. July, through Saturday, August 7.

Lane closures inbound from Wednesday, August 18. August, through Sunday, August 29.

Full lane closure inbound

From Sunday, August 8. August, until Tuesday, August 17, Hanauer Landstraße will be fully closed in the direction of the city between Bärenstraße and Zobelstraße.

Bypass recommendation

A detour recommendation is made via Hanauer Landstraße, Sonnemannstraße, Oskar - von -Miller - Straße and Obermainanlage.

Hanauer Landstraße at the height of Launhardtstraße as well as at the height of Allerheiligentor / Lange Straße

.Due to work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main, there will be lane reductions in both directions on Hanauer Landstraße near Launhardtstraße and near Allerheiligentor/ Lange Straße throughout the holiday period.

Hanauer Landstraße/ Ratswegkreisel

Due to track construction work by VGF, there will be lane reductions at the Ratswegkreisel on a weekend in August

The following applies to all named construction measures along Hanauer Landstraße: Tram lines in Hanauer Landstraße interrupted - replacement service with buses

From Monday, 19. July, approximately 2 a.m., through Monday, August 30, 2021, approximately 3 a.m., Route 11 will be rerouted due to the work.

Line 11 will be rerouted


The line 11 does not run between Börneplatz and Daimlerstraße in the mentioned period. The VGF diverts the trains in both directions via Konstablerwache and Eissporthalle / Festplatz to Ratswegkreisel. From then on, the trams will follow the usual route again. On Sundays, the VGF will operate additional trains between the south side of the main station and Fechenheim Schießhüttenstraße, so that connections will be offered every 15 minutes. Lines 12 and 14 will be diverted and shortened Line 12 will not run between Saalburg- / Wittelsbacherallee and Hugo-Junkers-Straße. From the stop "Saalburg-/Wittelsbacherallee" it will be diverted to the temporary final stop "Zoo". It thus partially replaces line 14, which is also affected: It does not run between Börneplatz / Stoltzestraße and Ernst-May-Platz. From the stop "Börneplatz / Stoltzestraße", it runs a detour to the Lokalbahnhof. Ebbelwei-Express not in service The Ebbel-Ex is still out of service due to the pandemic situation. On the section between Börneplatz / Stoltzestraße and Daimlerstraße, the VGF is setting up a rail replacement service (SEV) with articulated buses that follows the tram route along Hanauer Landstraße. There will be no ticket sales on the buses, so passengers are asked to use the ticket machines at the stops. In addition, passengers should expect longer travel times.

Bus route 31 does not run to the zoo

In addition to the trams, three bus lines are also affected by this construction work, which traffiQ has to reroute. Bus line 31 cannot reach the Zoo subway station, so it only runs between Ostendstraße and Hugo-Junkers-Straße. Passengers who would otherwise have changed from the subway to the bus line at the Zoo can instead change to the bus at the Ostendstraße suburban train station or the Ostbahnhof subway station (U6). The two night bus lines N7 (to Praunheim Heerstraße) and N11 (to Höchst Zuckschwerdtstraße) will be diverted between Ostbahnhof and Ostendstraße via Sonnemannstraße. Background information on the work in Hanauer Landstraße Track and switch construction VGF will continue to maintain its tram network during the 2021 summer holidays. Tracks and switches in the Zobelstraße / Hanauer Landstraße intersection are 37 years old and worn out. As they have reached their technical and economic service life, the facilities will be renewed. The costs for this amount to about €3.1 million and include the replacement of about 600 meters of track, six switches as well as three switch crossings. In addition, the VGF is replacing existing paving with asphalt, which will significantly reduce the run-off noise from motor traffic. Work on the supply network in Hanauer Landstraße Mainova AG is taking advantage of the construction work to carry out work on the district heating network in the Zobelstraße / Hanauer Landstraße area. Netzdienste Rhein - Main is laying a 110 KV power line at the Launhardtstraße level and installing new house connections in the Lange Straße / Allerheiligenstraße area. The work in the area Lange Straße / Allerheiligenstraße will last until the end of the year; separate information will be provided. Synergies will be used Synergies of several construction sites will be used so that lanes do not have to be opened again in the following year. This will avoid additional partial and full traffic closures and renewed rail replacement services.

Gallus and Europaviertel

Full closure Güterplatz between Osloer Straße and Mainzer Landstraße - bus lines diverted

Due to work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main, traffic on Mainzer Landstraße near Güterplatz will be closed from Monday, 19. July, until Friday, 27 August, in the direction of Galluswarte. It will not be possible to travel from Hafenstraße and Mainzer Landstraße in the direction of Messe or vice versa.

Bypass recommendation

A detour recommendation in the direction of Messe, for vehicles under 7.5t gross vehicle weight, is via Gutleutstraße, Camberger Straße, Mainzer Landstraße, Schmidtstraße, Am Römerhof, and Europa-Allee. A detour recommendation in the direction of Mainzer Landstraße is via Platz der Einheit and Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage.

Bicyclists and pedestrians will be guided together along the construction site.

Bus routes diverted to the European Quarter

The bus lines 46 and 64 must traffiQ reroute. In the direction of Römerhof (46) and Europaviertel (64) they go from Güterplatz via Mainzer Landstraße and Frankenallee directly to Europa-Allee. In the opposite direction, they will travel via Platz der Einheit and Platz der Republik to the main station.

Particular attention must be paid to passengers who want to change from the U4 subway line (station "Festhalle/Messe") to bus lines 46 and 64 to the Europaviertel: In this direction, the buses can not serve the transfer stop "Platz der Einheit".

Full closure of Eppenhainer Straße - bus stop removal bus line 52

Due to sewer works by Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt, Eppenhainer Straße between Europa-Allee and Mammolshainerstraße will be closed from Monday, 19. July, until Friday 23 July, for the traffic. Traffic will be diverted via Europa-Allee, Hattersheimer Straße and Idsteiner Straße. Pedestrians can pass the construction site.

Bus 52 to Schloßborner Straße


Bus route 52 cannot serve the Europaviertel West stop during this time. All trips on route 52 will only go to or from the Schloßborner Straße stop.


Mainkai becomes one-way eastbound

Due to lane marking work by the Office of Road Construction and Development, Mainkai will be one-way between Untermainbrücke and Alte Brücke from Monday, 19. July, until Saturday, July 31, to the one-way street in the east direction.


A detour will be in place coming from the east via Ignatz-Bubis-Brücke, Schaumainkai, Untermainbrücke.

Sectional full closure Goethestraße


Because of road works, the Office for Road Construction and Development will close Goethestraße from Monday, 19. July, to Sunday, 29 August, in sections fully closed.


.During the construction work between Neue Mainzer Straße and Alte Rothofstraße, there will be a diversion via Neue Mainzer Straße, Hochstraße, Börsenstraße and Rathenauplatz.


Gartenstraße becomes a one-way street

Due to track construction by Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt, Gartenstraße between Schweizer Straße and Hans-Thoma-Straße will be one-way from Monday, August 16. August, until Saturday, August 28, only in the direction of Hans-Thoma-Straße passable.

Bypass recommendation

A bypass recommendation in the opposite direction is via Hans-Thoma-Straße, Schweizer Straße and Schaumainkai.

Bahnhofsviertel + Gutleutviertel

There will be full closures in the area of Gutleutstraße 5 and 216 in July due to mobile crane operations for private construction work.


Full closure Leipziger Straße

For private crane lifting work, Leipziger Straße will be closed between Am Weingarten and Rohmerstraße from Tuesday, July 20.July, until Friday, July 23, the Leipiger Straße will be fully closed to traffic. It will be diverted via Wildunger Straße, Falkstraße, Am Weingarten, Wurmbachstraße and Markgrafenstraße. Pedestrians can pass the construction site.


Full closure Oberlindau

Due to private crane lifting work, the road Oberlindau between Kronberger Straße and Staufenstraße will be closed on Thursday, 29. July, between 7 and 11 a.m., will be fully closed to traffic. Pedestrians will be able to pass the construction site.


One lane Eschersheimer Landstraße

Due to work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main, there will be one lane of traffic in Eschersheimer Landstraße between Malßstraße and Am Dornbusch from Monday, 19. July, until the end of the summer holidays, city inward to the single lane.

Routing recommendation


A bypass recommendation in the direction of the city center is via Eckenheimer Landstraße.

Pedestrians can pass the construction site.


Quiet asphalt instead of rattling pavement: City rehabilitates roadway Im Prüfling

Residents of Bornheimer Straße Im Prüfling and visitors* to the restaurant "Prager Botschaft" and the Agaplesion Bethanien Hospital can soon look forward to noise reduction: The Office for Road Construction and Development (ASE) of the City of Frankfurt am Main is removing the loose, rattling pavement in the roadway at the height of house numbers 26 and 28 and replacing it with a new asphalt surface. The construction work required for this will begin on Monday, August 2, and is expected to be completed on Friday, August 6.

Impacts on traffic


Due to the work, the road Im Prüfling will be fully closed to traffic. A bypass is possible via Saalburgstraße and Neebstraße. Pedestrians can pass the construction site.


Am Erlenbruch 84 + 94

Because of work on supply lines, there is Am Erlenbruch at the height of Erlenbruch 84 and 94 to half-sided closures.


City of Frankfurt redevelops Baumertstraße in Fechenheim

For car traffic in Fechenheim, Baumertstraße is an important thoroughfare from Hanauer Landstraße in the north to Offenbach in the south. Due to the high traffic load, especially during rush hours, Baumertstraße has been severely damaged. In order to eliminate smaller and larger damaged areas such as cracks and potholes, the municipal Office for Road Construction and Development (ASE) is having the roadway rehabilitated in an approximately 220 meter long section between house numbers 2 to 32. Construction work will begin on Thursday, July 22, and is expected to be completed on Friday, August 6, 2021.

The construction work is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the ASE is having the roadway replaced between house numbers 2 through 10. As soon as this part is completed, phase 2 follows with the house numbers 10 to 32. For the fresh roadway in the Baumertstraße, the city invests about 70,000 euros.

Effects on traffic

Due to the work, Baumertstraße will be fully closed to traffic in sections between Kleestraße and Am Hennsee.

A detour is recommended via Jakobsbrunnenstraße, Konstanzer Straße and Pfortenstraße. Pedestrians can pass the construction site.

Bus lines 551 and N11 diverted

The bus line 551 and the night bus line N11 in the direction of Friedhof Fechenheim bypass the closure via the parallel Konstanzer Straße. The Baumertstraße bus stop will be cancelled.


Full closure Alt-Eschersheim 21-35

Due to sewer construction work in the street Alt-Eschersheim, there will be a full closure in August.


Preliminary section: City of Frankfurt rehabilitates Königsteiner Straße

It has something of a "classic" in the summer construction program: the city of Frankfurt is rehabilitating what is now the sixth section of Königsteiner Straße. The construction section runs along house numbers 40 to 60, and also includes the intersection of Gebeschussstraße and Hospitalstraße. Construction work will start on Monday, July 19. The work is expected to be completed by the end of August. Königsteiner Straße is an important connection in the west of the city, which is why the executing Office for Road Construction and Shooting (ASE) is deliberately building during the summer holidays. According to experience, the traffic volume is lower during the holidays.

Impact on traffic

Due to the works, Königsteiner Straße will be fully closed to traffic in sections between Peter-Bied-Straße and Adelonstraße. Traffic will be diverted via Peter-Bied-Straße, Liederbacher Straße and Emmerich-Josef-Straße or Sossenheimer Weg, Windthorststraße, Hospitalstraße, Zuckschwerdtstraße and Gerlachstraße. Pedestrians can pass the construction site.

This is how the bus

runs.During the construction work, bus lines 59, 253 and 804 will be detoured between the stops Klinikum Höchst and Höchst Bahnhof via Peter-Bied-Straße, Liederbacher Straße and Adolf-Haeuser-Straße. The stops Gerlachstraße and Hostatostraße will be cancelled, but the stop Peter-Bied-Straße will be served additionally. From Monday, August 2, to Friday, August 20, there will be another rerouting of bus route 59 in Griesheim.

Use synergy effects

Both the roadway and the sidewalks and sides are dilapidated. The ASE is having about 1,050 square meters of roadway replaced, as well as 1,500 square meters of paved areas for sidewalks and parking strips. The renovation of Königsteiner Strasse will also result in synergy effects that will save time and money: For example, the city is not only building a new traffic light system, but is also renewing the drainage systems, laying empty pipes for the conversion of the lighting to LED technology and converting bus stops to make them barrier-free. The total cost is around 750,000 euros.

According to current plans, another construction phase is due in 2022. The renovation and redesign of Königsteiner Straße will then be completed.


Full closure of level crossing Oeserstraße

Because of work on the level crossing Oeserstraße, it comes from Saturday, 21. August, to full closures on weekends.


Offenbacher Landstraße at the height of Buchrainplatz

Due to work by Netzdienste Rhein-Main, Offenbacher Landstraße will be closed between De-Neufville-Straße and Buchrainstraße from Monday, August 2. August, until Friday, August 6, Offenbacher Landstraße will be a one-way street in the direction of Wehrstraße. A detour will be in place via Buchrainstraße and Wiener Straße.


Bundled Action: City of Frankfurt rehabilitates "Auf der Insel" - Metrobus line M34 takes detour

It is obvious that the roadway of the street "Auf der Insel" could use a new surface layer: it resembles a patchwork quilt over long stretches. In a bundled action, the Office for Road Construction and Development (ASE) is now rehabilitating the approximately 300-meter section between Alt-Rödelheim and Rödelheimer Parkweg starting Monday, August 2, 2021. "The road is very curvy, which makes construction work more confusing. That's why we're closing the road section completely for a few days and repairing the damage to the surface course in a targeted manner," says the head of ASE, Dipl.-Ing. Michaela C. Kraft.

This is how the Metrobus lines M34 and M72

drive.The Metrobus line M34 runs between the stop Sternbrücke and Rödelheim Bahnhof, which has been moved by a few meters, a diversion via Ludwig-Landmann-Straße and Hausener Weg. The stops Parkweg and Alt-Rödelheim are cancelled. The line M72 operates only between Nordwestzentrum and Sternbrücke.

Effects on traffic

During the works, the road Auf der Insel between Rödelheimer Parkweg and Niddabrücke will be closed from Monday, 2. August, until Friday, August 6, fully closed to traffic.


Redirection via Rödelheimer Landstraße, Ludwig-Landmann-Straße, Hausener Weg, Thudichumstraße and vice versa. Pedestrians can pass the construction site.

The city of Frankfurt is renovating a total area of about 2,200 square meters. The cost is 45,000 euros.

For more up-to-date traffic information, visit:

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