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Back-up lists for vaccination volunteers in the Rhine-Main area - UPDATE 3

23.04.2021 | 10:13 Clock | Service
Back-up lists for vaccination volunteers in the Rhine-Main area - UPDATE 3

You can find current updates at the bottom of the text!

The vaccination campaign is slowly picking up speed in Hesse as well. Nevertheless, there are still areas where vaccination could be much faster and more effective. One such area concerns Astrazeneca's vaccine. Due to the negative headlines accompanying this vaccine, many people willing to be vaccinated are enormously unsettled, cancel their vaccination appointment or simply do not show up. Now, Hesse is also taking the next step and is making citizens over 60 years old an offer of vaccination with Astrazeneca. Nevertheless, there are more and more vaccine doses left over in many places. To ensure that these are not thrown away, many districts and district-free cities have introduced back-up lists.

In Frankfurt, too, there is now the possibility of registering for a back-up procedure. Where else in the Rhine-Main area there are such offers, we have summarized you here once:

Frankfurt: The Frankfurt vaccination center offers again additional vaccination appointments for eligible people of priority 1 to 3 and Ü60-year-olds. Info below under "Update of 27.04."!

Attention: Due to the increasing number of vaccinations, the capacity of the parking spaces directly at the Festhalle are at capacity. Therefore, all authorized persons are requested to arrive by public transport or to use the surrounding parking garages. Authorisation to park in front of the Festhalle can now only be granted to mobility-impaired persons over the age of 80 with an accompanying person and to all other persons only with appropriate proof.

The Public Health Department and the German Red Cross have set up the "Vaccination Bridge Frankfurt". Through this platform, vaccine-eligible people in prioritization groups one and two can register starting Friday, April 16. If there are any remaining vaccine doses, they will be administered quickly and unbureaucratically to those entitled to vaccination. Vaccine doses will be drawn at random. Eligible persons will be notified by SMS and will receive a vaccination within one hour at the vaccination center.

Registrations for the Vaccination Bridge Frankfurt are possible via the following link:

Kreis Groß-Gerau: The Impfbörse Groß-Gerau has received so many registrations after a few days that the registration procedure has been temporarily suspended.

In the Hochtaunuskreis, vaccinators in the first and second prioritization groups who do not yet have a vaccination appointment can be placed on a back-up list by emailing

The Main-Taunus-Kreis also maintains such a list. After a registration by email to, in case of remaining capacities, people on the list are notified by SMS about a possible appointment. This currently only affects over-60s, who will then be administered the vaccine by Astrazeneca at the vaccination centre in Hattersheim.

For the Rheingau-Taunus Kreis you can find the information HERE on how to register for the move-up list.

In the Main-Kinzig-Kreis there is also a list, but it is currently closed, because the demand is enormous.

The city of Wiesbaden does not currently offer an open backlog.

UPDATE of 4/18.2021:

Now also the City of Offenbach has a online-list released, in which all vaccination-willing starting from 60 jahren can be registered. If vaccine doses are available at short notice because vaccination appointments have not been attended

UPDATE of 04/23.2021:

The state of Hesse opened registration for Corona vaccination for all individuals in the third prioritization group on Friday morning, April 23. All eligible individuals in the first three prioritization groups can now register for an appointment through the state's registration platform. Registration can be done through the online portal or by calling the hotlines 116-117 as well as 0611/50592-888.

Right are, in addition to all persons who are over 60 years old now, for example, members of other professional groups such as the fire brigade, police or staff in the food retail trade, as well as people with certain diseases. Who belongs to which prioritization group, is under the following link on the Internet.

Also in the Frankfurt vaccination center are for this weekend still sufficient dates for the special vaccination campaign with AstraZeneca available. For the special appointments via the portal Terminland at can still register only in Frankfurt registered persons over 60 years.

The remaining persons from the approved prioritization groups must register via the state hotline. The same applies to persons who are not registered in Frankfurt. These please contact the vaccination center responsible for them, their family doctor or also register via the state portal.

Update from 27.04.2021:

The Vaccination Center Frankfurt in the Festhalle offersfrom Wednesday, 28. April, to Tuesday, 4 May, now also during the week special appointments for all under 60-year-olds eligible for vaccination of the prioritization groups 1 to 3 with the vaccine AstraZeneca. Of course, the offer also applies to all those over 60 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated. Registrations for the additional vaccination appointments are made via the portal Terminland at

Health department head Stefan Majer sees Frankfurt in the vaccination on the right track: "For the action circa 5500 special appointments are available. Together with the appointments allocated via the state hotline, our vaccination centre has thus reached its maximum capacity of 4000 appointments per day. With the expansion to the next vaccination priority, with the vaccinations provided by our mobile teams and the increasing number of vaccinations provided by GPs, we can look to the future with confidence. We expect a large number of vaccination doses in May, then we will accelerate again."

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