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Barbecue ban in Frankfurt's green spaces

27.07.2018 | 08:24 Clock | Service
Barbecue ban in Frankfurt's green spaces

Anyone who was planning to take advantage of the hot summer weather to get together with friends or family for a barbecue should reschedule. Because as of today (July 27), grilling is banned at all public barbecue areas in the city. The reason is a simple one: because of the ongoing heat and severe drought, any spark can start a devastating fire. "There are trees on all of our barbecue areas, and even the grass can catch fire in a flash. The risk is simply too great," says Environment Department Rosemarie Heilig, who hopes for understanding among Frankfurt's citizens for this step.

The ban applies to wood and coal-fired grills as well as camping, gas and electric grills. The use of shishas, which are fueled by glowing charcoal, is also banned effective immediately. However, the ban does not only affect forests, parks and other public green spaces, but also Frankfurt's cemeteries. Since they are also at risk, lighting grave lights and any other form of open fire is also prohibited there

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