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Bright children's eyes at the Great Christmas Circus in Frankfurt

02.01.2017 | 12:21 Clock | Culture
Bright children's eyes at the Great Christmas Circus in Frankfurt

Until January 8, Circus Carl Busch will be giving a guest performance with its fourth Great Christmas Circus at the festival square on Ratsweg. We took a look at the current program once in an almost completely sold out noon performance. As soon as you enter the tent palace, you get a real circus atmosphere. The smell of popcorn, happy children's laughter or the atmospherically illuminated dome of the tent make you long for classic circus entertainment. And this anticipation is then also fulfilled for almost two hours in the best way.

Whether it's a beautiful performance on silk scarves, a crossbow act by Gengis van Gool and his unerring assistant, which thrills with a brilliant finale, a delightfully funny performance by "macho gaucho" Franco Oliviera, the oriental-inspired foot juggling of Kimberly Lester, or even the second performance by Swiss Gengis van Gool, this time on the wheel of death - the show has many highlights to offer. Certainly, the spectators are not offered any real innovations. Even if some numbers can be called spectacular, they are all old-school circus entertainment. But this should not be interpreted negatively. Because all artists and performers manage very well to honour the old circus traditions without actually making them look dusty. That this works can be seen in the sparkling eyes of the children and the thunderous applause of the audience.

The tradition of the circus also includes acts with animals. For this, Circus Carl Busch has been repeatedly criticized in recent years. In this Great Christmas Circus, the use of wild animals is largely avoided. Instead, domestic cats, dogs, ponies and parrots show their skills in really charming acts, which animal rights activists should not have anything to complain about. Especially here you could clearly hear how enthusiastic the little visitors were about the cute dogs, the clever cats or the cheeky parrots.

Dutch Pascal leads through the show with a lot of comedy, but also a surprising musical interlude and bridges many of the small breaks in the show in a charming and funny way. But also the offspring of the Wille-Busch family is allowed to prove his obviously inherited show talent.

In total, the GREAT CHRISTMAS CIRCUS offers a colorful program, with something for the children as well as for the accompanying adults. Beautiful costumes, high artistic skills and very traditional family entertainment are on the program. If you like just that, you should quickly attend one of the last performances. <link https: tickets veranstaltung reihe circus-carl-busch-frankfurt _blank>Tickets can be ordered HERE - you can save 20% on the regular ticket price!

<link https: veranstaltungen s event the-great-christmas-circus.html _blank>And more info about the Great Christmas Circus can be found HERE

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