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Christmas tree "Sonny" welcomed to Frankfurt's Römerberg

01.11.2023 | 12:22 Clock | Citywhispers
Christmas tree 'Sonny' welcomed to Frankfurt's Römerberg

The name of this year's Christmas tree on the Römerberg in Frankfurt was announced: Mayor Mike Josef, Thomas Feda of Frankfurt Tourism and Philipp Reschke of Eintracht Frankfurt gave a warm welcome to "Sonny" on Römerberg.


This year, the name was chosen by members of Eintracht Frankfurt, the tree's sponsor. The 26 meter high Christmas tree comes from the Spessart region and was cut down near Flörsbachtal (Main-Kinzig), as its roots could not find any more space due to its proximity to a road. This tree was chosen because it had to be cut down anyway. Thus, the most beautiful use for it as a Christmas tree on the Römerberg became a reality. Mike Josef aptly expressed, "The tree of Eintracht Frankfurt as a sign of Eintracht in our city."

The transport of the Christmas tree to the city center was a logistical challenge. With an escort, the tree was first led through winding and unpaved forest roads and then through narrow streets and alleys. At times, this required millimeter work.

The naming of the tree was done by the approximately 130,000 members of Eintracht Frankfurt. After a vote, the tree was christened "Sonny". The name is based on the nickname of Helmut Sonnenberg, a longtime Eintracht fan who died in February at the age of 91 and was also a Holocaust survivor. "Sonny" will be available to admire on Römerberg until Dec. 21, 2023, and from Nov. 27, 2023, as part of the Christmas market.


Welcome "Sonny"!

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