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Deutsche Bahn is building additional tracks in Frankfurt Niederrad in the direction of the main station

30.03.2022 | 12:25 Clock | Service
Deutsche Bahn is building additional tracks in Frankfurt Niederrad in the direction of the main station

Late times, train cancellations, disruptions - the railroad has to deal with major problems in and around Frankfurt time and again. Problems that put commuters in particular to a tough test of patience almost every day. But if Deutsche Bahn (DB) has its way, that's set to change in the future. Switching from car to train is to become more attractive and reliable. To this end, Deutsche Bahn is expanding its rail network in and around Frankfurt and, in particular, making the important Frankfurt rail hub fit for the future. The "Frankfurt-Stadion node" rail project envisages upgrading the lines leading from Frankfurt Stadium via Niederrad to Frankfurt Central Station from four to six tracks, thus eliminating the bottlenecks that exist there. The line to and from the airport, which is particularly susceptible to disruptions and where problems occur time and again, is to benefit from this. These are to be solved by having the S-Bahn as well as the long-distance and regional trains run separately in the future, making them more punctual and reliable. For this purpose, a new railroad bridge is also to be built over the Main.

However, all those who depend on the railroad will first have to adjust to restrictions caused by the extensive construction work when DB starts construction work on the section of track between Frankfurt Stadium and the Gutleutstrasse branch in August. Two new, additional tracks are being built over a length of 3.5 kilometers from the stadium to the railroad bridge over Gutleutstrasse north of the Main River. In addition, DB is renewing a total of seven rail overpasses here in the coming years or building new ones - including the planned third rail bridge over the Main.

DB is paying particular attention to noise protection: this is being significantly improved for local residents. In Niederrad, for example, completely new noise barriers are being built over a length of more than 2,000 meters. To ensure a certain level of noise protection even during the construction work, the railroad is also erecting temporary noise barriers along a total length of 680 meters.

A construction site installation area of around 1,000 square meters is being created around the old station in Niederrad. Here, DB stores materials and construction equipment and sets up containers for construction supervision. Vegetation work to clear the construction area has already taken place at the beginning of the year.

The railroad project "Knoten Frankfurt-Stadion" is divided into three construction stages. In the first stage, DB has already installed new tracks in the area of the Frankfurt (Main) Stadium station and modernized the station and technical equipment. This work has been completed since 2015. The work now due between the stadium and the main station represents the so-called second construction stage. The planning approval decision for this section has been in place since October 2021. The third construction stage will be followed by the expansion of the section between Frankfurt Stadium and Zeppelinheim.

The "Frankfurt Stadium Node" rail project is part of the Frankfurt RheinMainplus infrastructure development program, which is being jointly promoted by the federal government, the state of Hesse, the city of Frankfurt am Main, the Rhine-Main Transport Association and DB AG. Further information at:

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